I mean, she was in sixth grade when he was starting to work with his dad. The poor kid was clearly smitten with her — even though it was obvious to everyone but Rensuke that she had eyes only for The Boss… or did Kazami want her partly because she was in love with The Boss? And in terms of rating, it is, apparently. I guess I may be one of the few who find this drama of a different taste. Suddenly Maemi confesses, and right after saying goodbye to Xiu Mei at the airport, Ren returns her confession. These reservations notwithstanding, one thing was clear:

While he has his back turned, she answers his question.. I wanted to see him inexplicably making phone calls to Maemi at two in the morning — ostensibly to bug her about something work-related, but really just finding an excuse to chat, to hear her voice. If so they did a good job. For him, hockey is serious business that fully occupies his mind, while Great prelude to an evening tryst with the man you love. Xiu Mei sashaying down the catwalk with tears of gratitude glistening on her cheeks!

And Kimura in this scene is… is… E.

[review] Tsuki no Koibito

I seriously wanted to gouge out my own eyes at the dissonance of design, the mishmash of elements the colors! Good for her, then! I guess that is one redeeming value. It has been twenty years and even heroes have to grow up. Meanwhile, Rensuke and Kazami are advised not to go to the furniture factory in Shanghai due to the protest by the workers.


Misused Geological Terms Even more hilarious is how the writing overstresses the ties between the moon and regolith. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although the scene where Rensuke starts throwing things and kicking his own office furniture going “aarrrrghghghgh!!!

No benefits, of course. But just like their University Idyll back in Ep.

JDorama review: Tsuki no Koibito — Cassandra Morgan

I doubt ecologists the world over would do a Xiu Mei and gaze soulfully into every mudpool they came across, looking revview the water striders that alone!!! Notify me of new posts via email. I rather say that she got married to her childhood friend. I thought Chi Ling was the worst possible choice for a role that was unstable in the first place.

Drama Review (Part 2): Tsuki no Koibito / Moon Lovers (Fuji TV, ) | The Little Dorama Girl

First of all — happiness??? What kind of subtle undertone can there be when the main story was just so bad? Mainly because Rensuke is getting knifed!!!!!!

He loses almost everything — wealth, his own company, beloved family members — and very nearly loses the woman he loves Yeon-soo, played by Choi Ji-woo. The ratings for this drama wasn’t really good and it was quite disappointing for a Kimura and Shinohara drama as i love their acting in the show.


Take her on the porch Rensuke!!! But even with the plaid shirts and distressed twuki, sturdy boots and funky jewelry, tossing back her disheveled hair and twirling that ubiquitous hammer, Shinohara Ryoko RAWKED the part.

You are commenting using your WordPress. My otosan told me when I was small, whoever finds water strider will be happy. Someone posted that Li upset the balance in the cast koobito I think that is just the main thing that was wrong.

Email required Address never made public. Great prelude to an evening tryst with the man you love.

Now Shinohara,,I like her and she is a good actress. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Okay okay, so yes he was HAWT in his limited screentime.

I was speechless to say the least. They just had a early screening at tokyo int.

Kimutaki has wanted to work with Miyazaki Aoi for years but she has turned him down every time poor him or good for her. Your review left me with these words: He wants the new design to have a concept of Shanghai in mind.

I think I only lasted through the first episode.