Mara knew that Clara called her father – Gary to inform him about them being there in Isla Verde. Lupe, Gary’s mother, blames Susan, believing it was all her fault, whilst Gary still has his mind set on Alvira. And finally the result has been revealed – she is the daughter of Gary David. Without a choice, Clara went home with Susan and at home Susan disciplined her. Susan then explained to Clara that she should not be jealous with Mara since Christian and Mara are both in love with each other. Her anger to Mara does not end here until she can finally get rid of her in their house and with her mother’s attention. Clara’s family visited Mara’s family for Carlo’s funeral. Mara did not believe what she have heard with Clara and decided to follow her around to find out if Clara knew where she will be going.

Gary knew about this and was so mad at Lupe and Mara who put her real daughter in danger. Mayor Gonzales is shocked with Susan’s apology since there is nothing realy serious that has happened to Derrick. Susan and Alvira got a chance talking to each other about themselves and about Mara. Clara told Mara that she will not stop until Mara’s life will be like hell. Del Valle and have told them that she wants to see them at the principals office so they went there and talked with the principal. Will Amante and Gary approve that Mara and Clara will exchange lives again? Amante was alarmed and hurriedly called some of the guards in their village to ask for their help.

The police officers were also alarmed and then called Gary to ask him about what he did to alvira the other night.

On the other hand, Gary is still hiding from the police and from everybody. As for Gary, he went to see Alvira and asked her out on a date.

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Lupe then answered Gary that she can not take Gary’s cruel dinta anymore and this is the only way she thought is the best. Gary is so mad and pissed to what Clara have done and Gary is asking Clara to look for Mara. Meanwhile the evil local moneylender a womaniser Download Free Movies Torrents.


Clara David Julia Montes disagreed to the idea that she is going to help the family that has turned their back on her. When Clara knew about this, she was so jealous and angry that Christian helped him. Comedy Films You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page favorite favorite favorite favorite You can download it for free here.

To continue solving Mara’s case, the police officers invited Clara for an investigation. Tiya Pusit knew that Alvira is having plans to find something about Gary that can prove him as the suspect.

So during their dinner Mara served them giving assistance to manang. To let Mara go down, Clara had another chance of wrecking her life with her parents and even at school. Annakodi is a Tamil film directed and written by Bharathiraja. Without hesitations, Alvira then said yes to Gary and admitted batinda she loves Gary. With this, is Clara showing good already or she is still pretending?

When Desiree checked on her things, she saw Clara’s clothes in her bag and so she went to Clara’s house to return her clothes.

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Dompet Ayah masih Ketinggalan Bioskop Indonesia: Mara did not went baginea and rather thought going back and spy on Clara’s actions. Alvira and Sussan were both worried to their daughters, for they have missed them also. So Clara took Mara’s project and put it on a room or a stock room.

As for Gary he went to the port to see his daughter – Clara there and have their plan going to another place living a new life together. Christian is happy to know that Mara is greatful to what he have done towards her.


mogie Mara told Amante not to worry about her, for she grew up poor. Amante went to where Cristina is and saw her dead already.

Gary then asks Clara to come home since he wants to celebrate the good things that has happened to him with Clara and Alvira. Susan, Alvira and Fuol will tell Mara now and for this she can not accept the truth also.

Going back with Gary who is not going to stop till he gets what he want, he is asking for Alvira to marry him.

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Alvira did not want Mamang to be involved with her plans and so she insulted Mamang telling her that Mamang has no right to make decisions for her. At the canteen, Clara saw Mara who has food being prepared by Alvira. The book of truth was not successful burned, as Susan have read about this, she will not be stopped from revealing the truth to everybody.

While Gary David will be away with his family for a while to keep them safe with his enemies. Clara was so mad at Mara knowing that karfna she will not help her. Beauty and Dekil TVM: Gary was so mad about this and hurriedly told Nenita.

And is Gary true to himself in changing for good for Lupe’s benefit? Mara knew that Clara called her father – Gary to inform him about them being there in Isla Verde. Full Movie Info Of Annakodi: