Sadly, some of these fans really did boycott the show after the loss of a beloved character. Views Read Edit View history. Add to that, we were given dramas with a lot of potential that ended up being disappointments, such as Numm, Dil-e-Muztar Darmiyan, Silvatein and Khoya Khoya Chand. What a classy play ended today. Rehaai is nothing less. One, she knows everything about the Hawelli and also the secrets of Ghulam Fareed that he cannot escape her.

These characters were human with human emotions and desires. As expected the second installment was also a mystery packed episode which left me pondering about so many things regarding the who-killed-who and who-knows-what scenario. He embraces his character. While emotionally draining, I would whole-heartedly recommend this one. Also, his hypocritical role as a religious Muslim in Roag on Ary was spine-chilling. It is not light-hearted.

If there was one drama in that mentally made me feel unstable, sent chills down my spine and shook me to my core, it was Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi. The mystical genre of this play is what I love the most. Current broadcasts on Hum TV.

Bari Apa Last Episode. The play has come to a very interesting point. Watching these plays is my favorite pastime once my kids go to bed. Nothing can be said of Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay other than this: The daughter of Mianji now has to survive in the household of uplu murdered Daughter.

Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari.

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More importantly, it reinforced the belief that women need to be self-sufficient. It is definitely a little less serious and sad then rest of the plays, so yes it is always good to have a dose of Silvatein after watching all the sad and serious dramas.

Idrees Shafique July 25, at 7: Though almost all of his roles are well known, his character in Mera Saeen as the scheming Malik Wajahat, Bari Apa as obedient Farmaan, Rehai as the spiteful Waseem, Man-o-Salwa as the quiet Karam Ali, Durre Shahwar as the careless and unfair Haider and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi as downright hateful Malik Fareed have left a strong impression on me and many others who watch him in awe. And if in situations where there are week bonds in a family these servants are then used for any kind of contentment.


If it wasn’t for the play Epizode she wouldn’t have started writing! Nanhii is also the story of how women are exploited in our society and the problems faced by people who live in the downtrodden areas…not exactly light entertainment but very heavy-duty indeed.

Rehaai not only boasted of a great ensemble cast, but also featured these actors in roles worthy of their talent.

The beautiful shots and the clean camera movements are praiseworthy which are the efforts of the DOP. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The problem with dramas like UBFN is simple: A Fanatic’s Review November 5, at 3: He is perhaps one nayi the most underrated actors.

Was a great year for dramas?

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This drama that revolves around Bibi, Jaanu, Zoya, Jugnu, Mama Ji and Appu seems slow at first glance, but has emotional highs and lows that can pick you up and bring you crashing down in an instant. Beranda about contact Nahu. If any show stirred up controversy and debate this year, it would be Kankar. That said, UBFN offered one of the best storylines ofincredible performances from the entire cast and a show worth remembering for years to come.

They have never lost their charm because of the outstanding amount of talent they possess. An array of delightful news was a pleasing change Mohib Mirza is an amazing actor but reviwe I said, I only included actors who have been around for a long time and have been good from the start.

The expectations parents have from their children, the infamous double standard our society holds with men and women, how indifference from parents can affect their children, what effect words can have on another person.


It can be a light-hearted play if one watches it with zero expectations and does not try to make sense out of the happenings…tough job I know!! UBFN had an excellent cast who interact and confront each other.

They have given us stellar performances multiple times in several different and challenging roles and made those characters memorable. As expected the second installment was also a mystery packed episode which left me pondering about so many things regarding the who-killed-who and who-knows-what scenario.

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Follow Farwa on Twitter: Not just Noman Ejaz but the other 4 as well are very good looking! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fortunately, several weeks later, I picked it up again out of boredom. There is hardly a drama during the week which is a light play with a good story that will prove to be engaging as well. Zindagi Gulzar Hai not only told a tale of two different individuals coming together and working past their differences, but also emphasized the importance of communication in a relationship.

What sets this drama apart is that UBFN focused on the plight of women in these areas, whether it be daughters and sisters of the haveli, the female servants or the local civilians. I decided, after the first episode, that this was not the show for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. Yes, the play made me sad; in fact I found it difficult to sleep after watching it!!