His slang suits the dialect of the film and he seems effortless in dialog delivery. The subject is age-old and indeed now Telugu Industry seems to be running out of new subjects and are trying to give us old-wine in new bottles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Should this be taken down, then the drought shall continue as film audience like me will keep avoiding Telugu Films, coz good films are not adequately encouraged. The show premiered on 25 April , produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office.

From the first recording dance sequence to the last marriage scene, there are many fun moments that go with the flow of the script. There are union problems between Chennai and Hyderabad. The director who is also the writer has done a commendable job in treating this story with simplicity and with no over the top scenes or acts. Was this review helpful to you? When Vasu and Soori follow him on their bike, they come to know that Parthu is a mechanic who works in the nearby town’s Hero Motorcorp outlet. Swamy Ra Ra

Raghavaiah is nearing his 60’s and He beats up Parthu uyyyala rescues Umadevi. Meanwhile, Umadevi too falls in love with a techie Parthu Shashank Srivatsavaya.

He beats up Parthu and rescues Umadevi. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Yet, I am not sure if this can be watched many times over as it has nothing great or new to offer. If it stays there in halls despite the flood, then surely Telugu Film Industry can hope for good days.


The scene looks small on paper but on screen it is not. Abbas, Annapoorna, Tanikella Bharani. He asks why and she says that she mixed pills in the Lassi and gave it to the groom hearing this suri laughs. Full Cast and Crew. So there you have it, there are many good things that you can see the movie for. Use the HTML below. Uma and suri’s mother are not interested in this marriage.

Looking beyond budget

The music I wish was used more aptly. I loved one scene where she decided to take rounds as Soori breaks coconuts. The emphasis should be on having no risk or sleepless night on the eve of the release. Umadevi is the daughter of Rangaraju Ravi Varmathe younger brother of Soori’s mother.

The show ended on 2 Marchcompleting sunita, episodes.

Views Read Edit View history. He sees uma running xunitha him who says that marriage has been stopped. She asks him why he was running towards house to which he says that he can’t live without her.

Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav Later suri decides to confess his feelings to uma as shown in the beginning of the movie.

Full Cast & Crew

Later umadevi stays up at soori ‘s house since her father is angry at her. Venkatesh Daggubati, Meena, Nadia Moidu. The whole film is narrated by the protagonist of the film Soori Raj Tarun who is running back to confess his love to his cousin Umadevi Avika Gor.


During that period she learns from her aunt suri’s mother about true love and realises that what suri does to her is true love because he pays for pani puri for uma, he buys her a new phone,he stops her marriage with one of his friends as she requested him to do so and he took up all the blames.

Uyyala Jampala () – IMDb

While no one makes movies with an intention of losing but the producer and director should plan well and not let the producer like turn into an ATM machine. I have a few reservations in editing as I feel, a few scenes might have been kept out but since this film in itself is of two hours, I have reservations sunithq no big qualms. Uma and suri’s mother are not interested in this marriage.

Avika Sameer Gor is an Jampal film and television actress. Chiranjeevi, Sridevi, Tanikella Bharani. This film surely has that very heart in the right place. Swamy Ra Ra Jayam Manade Raa is a Tollywood action drama produced by D.

Suri’s mother caat at him and said that he will miss uma only after her marriage which makes suri realise his feelings for umadevi. The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office.

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