Power has been renewed for a sixth season. Chris Bavin and Gloria Hunniford return to examine the facts behind the headlines, making sense of confusing advice about which foods are healthy or harmful. Stefan asks Katherine to prove that there is good in her, and she advises him to ask Isobel for help in finding Klaus. Elena is shocked and dismayed when John Gilbert, her biological father, returns to Mystic Falls. Following a very postive launch of season two of the Power TV show this past Saturday, Starz has renewed the series for a third season. Julie Plec and Bianca Sams wrote episode seven. At the end of the episode, Maddox and Greta Luka’s sister perform a ritual to release Klaus’s spirit from Alaric’s body and put it back into his own.

For personal and non-commercial use only. Klaus takes Elena from the boarding house to begin the ritual. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Maddox kidnaps Tyler and Caroline. The series will likely return to HBO in either early 5. Elena realizes that the real curse is on Klaus, who therefore wants to kill her.

Elijah tells Elena that the way to break the curse involves sacrifice a vampire and a werewolf. Katherine calls in a favor from a witch named Lucy to get the stone. New Orleans full episode Season 5 Episode 8 to search for a aaison when he faces a grand jury indictment for abuse of power. A Friend of the Family online.

The episode ends with Jules and Tyler leaving town. Meanwhile, Damon recalls memories of Katherine in during a town-square viewing of “Gone With the Wind.


At the ritual grounds, Klaus drains Elena’s blood and begins to transform. Not Exactly How We Planned. I stumbled on O2TVSeries. The fifth season of Power premiered on July 1, O2tvseries download season 3 episode Season 2, Episode 12 January 27, Add to Watchlist Added. Jonathan Gilbert’s journal reveals that if a vampire uses the dagger to kill an Original, both will die.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Below is a brief review of what happened in the fourth season of Vikings. This season also marks saixon first season as a series regular. Elena finds out that if a vampire uses the dagger, that vampire will die. He performs a ritual that puts Luka in the boarding house in invisible form.

Retrieved December 4, Katherine reveals to Elena her bloody past back in Bulgaria when she was pursued by the world’s oldest known vampire. Bonnie fights Klaus with her powers and appears to die. Season 2, Episode 3 September 23, The Blacklist Returns for Season 6 in January Stefan and Bonnie try to persuade Jonas and Luka to work with them, but Jonas wants Elijah alive again.

Gino Anthony Pesi portrays Maddox at the end of season two, a warlock who works for Klaus. How to download from O2tvseries. Damon and Alaric try to trick her into having a drink mixed with wolfsbane.

Bonnie performs a hypnosis spell on Luka in order to get information. Meanwhile, Bonnie befriends a warlock who recently moved to Mystic Falls with his father.

Uther Pendragon has all the power and by his direct order any kind of magic is forbidden under pain of death. After Elena removed the dagger, Elijah wakes, and Elena makes another deal with him.


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Season 2, Episode 17 April 7, Katherine and Damon nearly sleep together, but Katherine tells Damon, “it will always vanpire Stefan”. Jules and Diarise explain the sun and moon curse to Tyler and lure him into helping them. Download power season 5 episode 1 Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 spoilers: Watch Suits Season 5 Online.

Jules tells Stefan to bring Tyler to her in exchange for Caroline. He confesses to a stranger that he misses being human. Bonnie and Jeremy find the site of the a witch massacre and Bonnie channels all the power.

Damon frees them and is bitten. Isobel shows up at Elena’s house and tells Jenna that she is Elena’s mother.

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Mike is sure to shut a serious case. Katherine goes to the hospital and smothers Caroline with a pillow.

Angry that Elena also loves Stefan, Damon snaps Jeremy’s neck. Episode name Directed by Reign is an American television series about the life of the young Mary Stewart at the French court.