Season 1, Episode 7 June 9, Trial by rat Full Episode S 2: A Star Is Born 7. JD tracks a very large pest, terrifying a lonely widow. Each episode follows Mike Masterson and his As the first season ends, Roman and Santos are nearly overwhelmed in an attic as rats run wild; Santos tracks rats and black widows with his brother Joey; a rodent infestation leaves Roman puzzled. Professor Hawking explains why he takes a dim view of typical tales of UFO’s and alien abduction.

Fossilized remains of early animals provide evidence of the first instance of DNA swapping through sexual reproduction. Roman faces a massive rat infestation – at a vegan stronghold. On August 16, , a radio telescope in Ohio picked up the only signal that could have an alien source. Mike gives it everything he’s got to track down some rats. A female rookie tech is put to the test. The Masked Singer 7.

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Share this Rating Title: TV Shows that I have seen at least one full episode. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Mike tests his newest recruit, Matt, in a roach infested kitchen.

Gary doesn’t let a wall stop him from eliminating some termites. Mike deploys the full arsenal to track some rats. Roman knocks out a desert rodent infestation. An oversized rat eludes the best efforts of Mike and J.

Most black holes probably form when supermassive stars collapse into a dense gravitational mass that absorbs all light. A woman calls the team to save her “pack-rat” grandfather from roaches. Mike and the team attack the most disgusting pigeon infestation they have ever encountered.


Gary doesn’t let a wall stand in his way when it comes to taking out termites.

Season 1, Episode 13 August 4, Whiskers was a Rat Full Episode S 2: Season 1, Episode 4 May 12, My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Jamie tells a homeowner she caused her own elisode. Killer bees invade a day-care center; rats infest a Hollywood home; a severe roach infestation is dealt with; Mike must act as a psychologist for a customer.

Mike plays psychologist for a customer. A family displaced by fire is ready to move into their new home when Mike and the Isotech team discover the house is infested with rats.

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Bedbugs litter an apartment to an unimaginable degree. Bats drive a woman insane and it’s up to Mike and Roman to evict the winged pests. Day of the Rat Full Episode S 1: Just when they thought they’d seen it all, the entire team is called to a neighborhood overrun by peacocks.

An elusive skunk is on the run while a cluttered apartment is being overrun by roaches. For Mike, Florida starts with a familiar enemy, rats. The Curse of Oak Island 2.

The Verminators look to solve a pigeon problem at a historical church. A homeowner experiences deep guilt after the team eliminates her mice; an unwanted backyard beehive is relocated; the full crew is called to a house plagued by pigeons, termites, spiders and mice.

Mike searches for the source of a bedbug infestation. Gary faces an infestation of German roaches alone. Mike and Gary take care of a flea problem that is effecting a family and their dog. A Star Is Born 7. Season 1 Episode Guide. Mike gets a lesson in rattlesnake wrangling. Married at First Sight 6. Into The Blue 3. The Verminators are shocked by the plague of pests they find at an apartment complex. Mike MastersonVera VanGuard. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Mike and the team travel to Arizona to save a small town overrun with skunks.


Hollywood Roaches Full Episode S 1: Jamie faces his fears on a black widow job. To safely capture the thing, JD must learn to alligator wrangle with a little help from from the Gator Boys.

A homeowner is in denial about how bad her mouse problem has become. The team takes on Killer Bees take at a suburban home. Roman knocks out a desert rodent infestation. Mike tackles a cluttered home overrun with a family of rats. Each episode follows Mike Masterson and his The entire team is called out to deal with a house overrun by pigeons, termites, spiders and mice.

The whole team is called upon to take care of a house overrun by pigeons, termites, spiders and mice.

Verminators – Season 2 – IMDb

Mike faces an impossible deadline saving a restaurant. Hawking uses a variation of the “grandfather paradox” to show why time travel can give cosmologists nightmares. A mother turns to Maddie, the bed bug dog, when her family gets bitten in the night.