After Ted fails to impress Ki on a rhythmic game, she shows him one of her games. Despite wanting to go to Prom with Ki, Ted is forced to take Freddie’s car to drive the drifters to a nude gaming arcade, where the drifters attempt to steal one of the arcade cabinets. At first she believes Shane is responsible, but pieces together to clues to find out that Wendell was trying to frame Shane for Cheetoh’s kidnapping. Season 2 was confirmed during the latter half of by several of the people who worked on the first season. He is unimpressed by her boyfriend, but admits she is growing up and lets her stay. Ted is killed by a sniper, Ki manages to throw Shane off a building to his death, Jenny shoots Ashley out of his plane, and Brian successfully plants the bomb, winning the game.

Brian says that he loves Jenny, a sentiment that Jenny does not immediately respond with. But a few camera shots later, he does. Jenny hopes to join the varsity team, but Mary asks Brian instead, ruining Jenny and Brian’s first date. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ki Swan Rest of cast listed alphabetically: He sees that his fellow drifting students are gambling, which is against the rules, and decides to join them instead of watching Brian’s FPS game. Brian finds out Jenny is dating The Law. Meanwhile Ted and Ki are on their first date.

This causes Brian and Ted to get into another fight, further straining their relationship. Ted signs up for a summer job at the Napalm Mega Mall, while Brian is forced to try to find another school to go to, but his options are limited since he missed the deadline for scholarships. Retrieved November 9, Archived from the original on August 17, Ki and Ted are nervous for Ki’s father’s visit, and Ted tries to learn a card game that Ki’s father is good at, but only convinces himself that he is stupid.

She is still emotionally conflicted over the breakup, and her skill suffers as a result. Ki initially ignores Wendell when he welcomes her back, and makes a game where you walk endlessly until you let go of the controls, and your character dies. Brian gets pumped up by Jenny’s pre-game speech, learning the game will not be affected by her relationship with The Law, but then hears from The Law that he put her up to putting him in the scrimmage.


Ted steals soda from the faculty lounge for the drifting team, there the Duchess of Kart kisses him and steals the key. Use the HTML below. At first he loses, but recalling how people have been treating him the past semester, he decides to not be a pushover anymore, and wins a race against the Drift King.

Share this Rating Title: When Brian is not able to disarm a bomb in practice, Mary wants to bench him in the next game, however Episodr convinces her to postpone her decision. They find him at a laundromat arcade playing Axe Legend just to hear Freddie’s voice again. Over the next five years, the Barnstormer brothers build up Napalm.

Video Game High School

Ted gets the courage to tell his father he is not a rhythmic gamer, and wants to drift, but Freddie convinces him to sign up for rhythmic gaming. Ted is quickly roped into a vggs war between the Drifters and the Duchess and ends up getting into detention as a result. Meanwhile, Jenny has to battle her archrival, Napalm team captain Ashley Barnstormer, on a different sort of battlefield: Ki returns to her family home, where her parents are curious why she’s dropped out of school, but Ki is reluctant to tell them.

The Barnstormers agree, but stipulate that match will be a 64 player game, so the VGHS team must find 32 players if they want to compete. Brian D Johanna Braddy Unfortunately, recruitment is unsuccessful, as nobody outside the FPS team has the will to go up against Napalm. Seasno he is released, Ted finds out to his horror that the Tomowatchi he had been holding as leverage against the MMO Club has died.

Jenny and Brian make up over a game of DXM.


Goofs Around the Retrieved May 13, Finally, Jenny decides to talk to Brian about their relationship, and Brian tells her how since his mother is game addict and his father was never there for him, he lashed out at Jenny because he was afraid of being alone again.

During the election, Ki cannot seem to surpass Shane’s lead.

Audible Download Audio Books. She finally finds a way by playing to the brothers’ egos. The Law plays a video game Ki wrote about the events at VGHS since she and Brian got there, and he realizes that he has become a pushover. Wandering the streets after getting expelled Brian takes over an arcade.

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Ki keeps trying to find ways to prevent or delay the school’s demolition. Scripts were completed in mid January[34] the fundraiser campaign ran from January 23 to February 24, this time on Indiegogo[35] and filming began in March ssason He sees that his fellow drifting students are gambling, which is against the rules, and decides to join them instead of watching Brian’s FPS game.

They make their way to plant the bomb at the objective. The Law has moved in with Ted and Brian, and is being miserable to everyone in residence.

Ki switches IDs, and signs Ted up for drift racing.

Ashley then tells Brian rockejump how Jenny will be moving to Paris to join a pro team, and their subsequent argument puts Napalm in a position to win. Ted moves out of Brian’s room, possibly ending their friendship. Jenny has a chance to stop Napalm with a single sniper shot, but chokes under vghss pressure, allowing Napalm to win the match.

Ashley Barnstormer Brennan Murray Ted at first tries to cover up his grief and maintains that Freddie was a great father, much to everybody’s concern.