Thursday, May 31st, 4: Monday, November 10th, Episode 4 Sneak Peek! Ki fights a bully, Ted races DK, and Brian messes up more than one of his friendships. S2 Episode 4 Saturday, August 24th, S2 Episode 1 Monday, July 29th,

Thursday, June 21st, 7: Class is back in session with the stars of VGHS! You can call me Ace. A Map to Sex Town Election day! Wednesday, August 21st, Thursday, August 1st, Trailer Season 2 Friday, July 26th,

Friday, August 30th, 6: Ted reconsiders his place with the drifters resulting in the biggest and most action-packed race yet. Our four heroes find themselves at the Ki’s house for a crazy and wild weekend as they try to mend their relationships and deal with their biggest surprise yet! My name is Ace. Brian has left VGHS, but has he given up?

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Class is lboopers in session with the stars of VGHS! Head back to school with some of the most recognizable faces of VGHS, as they watch the season 3 premiere!

S2 Episode 3 Monday, August 12th, Brian and Jenny meet the new FPS coach, while a cheating controversy threatens The Law’s — and the school’s — reputation. A Map to Sex Town Election day! Thursday, August 1st, S2 Episode 5 The craziest of holidays. Jenny gets mad at her mother for reinserting herself into her life, but Brian helps to change her mind. Episode 4 Sneak Peek!

EP 5 Commentary The gang is back at seson and so are we! Ki and Ted are nervous for Ki’s father’s visit, and Ted tries to learn a card game that Ki’s father is good at, but only convinces himself that he is stupid.


Vghs Music video The Law ft. Jumpin’ Jax – The long arm (of The Law)

Thursday, May 17th, 2: The craziest of holidays. Re-live seaxon biggest FPS match in history as those who were there for the action give you the inside scoop behind filming!

The gang is back at school and so are we! Season 2 Saturday, Weason 27th, 1: Video Game High School update Season 0 not specified Thursday, July 11th, The N64 The Series Finale: S2 Episode 4 Saturday, August 24th, Brian and Jenny seek adult advice for their teen woes, while Ki has no one but Wendell to help her through her existential crisis.


Welcome to the Swans! The crew even gets their party crashed by one of the best FPS players in the league Meanwhile, Barnstormer and Napalm put their sinister plan into motion The Law has moved in with Ted and Brian, and is being miserable to everyone in residence.

Monday, November 3rd, 4: Monday, November 10th, Trailer Season 2 Friday, July 26th, Join Ellary Porterfield, Jimmy Wong, Brennan Murray and host Benji Dolly as they sit down to watch episode 2 and give their thoughts on the show and filming. But little do they know The Law seasoh just received a major upgrade Friday, August 23rd, 5: Ki searches for a clever solution that will gain voters in the 11th hour, while Ted desperately vgghs fix a past mistake that could cost Ki the election.


Thursday, June 21st, 7: A giant dunk tank. Monday, November 17th, Trailer Season 3 Tuesday, October 14th, Jenny and Brian are having a secret relationship.

Being a Teen is Hard, I Guess? The gang is back to sit down, and re-visit possibly the most traumatic episode in the history of VGHS. Monday, November 10th, 5: Stars Chase Willamson and Brennan Murray guide us, along with host Benji Dolly through the penultimate episode and give an inside perspective on the filming of the show! When Brian is not able to disarm a bomb in practice, Mary wants to bench him in the next game, however Jenny convinces her to postpone her decision.

Thursday, May 31st, 4: Monday, August 26th, Saturday, August 10th, Thursday, July 5th, 9: Season 1 Bloopers A blooper reel of season 2 Thursday, May 10th, 1: Get the official app!

Friday, November 28th, Thursday, May 31st, 5: Monday, November 17th, 6: