As Videl recovers from the aftermath, Chichi reveals the secret of the universe. It was just bog-standard fridging, with the weak justification that Spopovitch is taking revenge on Hercule for embarrassing him through her. The idea that Videl is superior to Hercule, and Hercule was superior to Spopovich, but through Babidi’s magic Spopovich becomes far more powerful than Videl, but also quite ruthless. I guess to make it seem personal? Because Toriyama is a master writer. You never really see her being confrontational again like Chi Chi and Bulma are. Yet, she just becomes a mother smh.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Sure, she didn’t want to quit and you could say that was stubborn of her, but beatings like that are usually justified in the show for people who deserve it mostly when a hero gets a new power-up to curbstomp the villain or when a new villain shows up, curbstomps the heroes, only to set them up as a goal they must reach power-wise if they want to stand a chance. Erasa voice Duncan Brannan Spopovich is later killed by Babidi upon outliving his usefulness. It also showed that videl is strong willed and won’t ever give up, even when it’s so painful she cries. To be fair, the other characters did jack shit as well.

On recent rewatch this episode really made me hate Goku even more. Then he gets punked by Super Buu, Goku doesn’t really angst about being brought back to life, they bring back Vegeta to boot after what basically was the end episoode his character arc, and the Goku and Vegeta show resumes after that brief interlude. Oct 25, 1, CT.

Videl Is Crushed

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. On the Front Page! Recoome bodying everyone on Namek isn’t very far away from it. Oct 25, 6, This culminates in her fighting Spopovitch to hold onto her dreams, even her sanity Oct 25, 3, Brooklyn.


Videl vs. Spopovich: Why?

Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Farsi User banned at own request Member. Yeah but even by DBZ standards Videl’s fridging was astonishingly cruel and violent.

Oct 27, 1, Toronto. Contributors Become a contributor. And because everyone’s all so mad while it’s happening but doesn’t do anything.

I love DBZ, but it might have one of the worst cast of characters in a Shonen. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Dec 18, Oct 26, 4, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Gohan comes off bad too. I’ve only seen Battle of Gods but her design and personality are completely different than even where Z left off. Jan 24, 1, Gohan delivers Videl to the hospital and Mr.

This os no purpose but to give a motivation to our male hero and for her to never fight again and become another Saiyan spawning woman in DB. Top 80 Dragon Crushdd Z episodes. Videl Is Crushed 10 Oct She went from a stubborn and combative person to being more passive.

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Oct 24, 2, Hercule voice John Burgmeier Eh, loved the episode and still do. She just wanted to fight for fun. That might be part of it, in fairness. Krillin voice Andrew Chandler It’s a cartoon bro.

There were problems before then in the saga but I this this was the moment where I knew this arc wasn’t going to be nearly as interesting as it could have been. Abuse of the TV. Season 7 Episodes See All. It’s point was to make Gohan get angry and turn SSJ2 for the last time ever. The idea that Videl is superior to E;isode, and Hercule was superior to Spopovich, but through Babidi’s magic Spopovich becomes far more powerful than Videl, but also quite ruthless.


Why did Videl deserve this? Goku was crushed by Vegeta in his Great Ape form. Because this week I saw that episode on TV and thought “this is so innecesarily cruel” and thought of making a thread.

“Dragon Ball Z” Videl Is Crushed (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Any explanation I could give would just be headcannon. Videl isn’t a disgrace to the DBZ canon. It’s a shame because I even liked the aftermath where she herself realizes that her Fathers legacy is a complete lie and figures out that Gohan was the one who beat Cell but also at first thinks she can help Gohan and wants to go after Yamu and Spopovitch until she can’t keep up with the speed everyone else can fly and decides to fly back, seeming to realize she is completely crused and it doesn’t wreck or world or anything.