His writer gripes about the extra work, and he tasks her to let Seol-chan know then. Can someone explain me better, I am afraid I might be missing something. It now makes sense that his biggest concern is to make her unhappy — the fear of her abandoning him again. She is very VERY good! All in all, loved it. The next day, Se-yi pays a visit to Ajusshi, who asks if she came alone. Her unrequited love for SW really broke my heart, hopefully she could let him go now. It’s what he needed after his rather annoyingly childish acts post-rejection.

But yes, if he doesn’t personally emotionally connect with the music, then I think it would be hard for the audience to connect with him. The boys stare in shock as the writer describes the gruesome details, and Se-yi finally makes a run for it. From his ridiculous unwillingness to let Se Yi go after she flat told him she liked someone else. Jenn August 5, at 9: Overall, this was a good drama, and I enjoyed it. As originally stated by Gummimochi in the Monstar recaps, this kdrama was simply charming, refreshingly cute, filled with heartwarming and humorous moments, a delightful cast, and fantastic songs.

Even though it frustrated me at times how much was only hinted at, especially in the earlier episodes, I like that they didn’t treat the viewers like idiots.

He asks what he can do in exchange for her to help him. I have to go back and watch for these nuances in the final episode again. Let us not be moonstar but declare our slightly inappropriate love unabashedly! Anyway, they are in HS, so that happening will be slim to none I suddenly become a B2ST fan!

Even if he wanted to be clear there was no hope for something between them, there were many non-assy ways to do it. I never did see Sun woo and Nana together as a couple. Initially I was annoyed that we didn’t know the results of the final battle but I think its perfect for the show and that it really doesn’t matter because the battle was never really about winning or losing.


Enz August 5, at As usual, you’re right Maymay! At least Ha-neul did a credible job with the last song. My deranged mind wants me to believe that Joon Hee may have slightly, oh so very slighty, kinda maybe liked Se Yi. I guess Seol-chan told everything to Sun-woo, terakbir him telling his mom, makes Seol-chan’s mom appear as epiode bad person and Seol-chan doesn’t want his mom to appear like that to others. They should give us a season 2 at least!!

Please make this for reals! Na Na – Ending song www. Hopefully in real life, you two will have much laughter in your friendship! Let me know if you’d like a version without the filtering of the transformation sounds or even just an original copy with the talking during the song kept in. Emma August 6, at terakihr He eipsode all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be or at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside he is just as much a teenager as the rest of the bunch.

I really can’t blame Episofe for being a jerk to Nana. I wanted to give you a hug and kick Sun Woo in the shins after what that Jerk had done!!! The most important point to a good music performance is to connect with the audience emotionally.

I cried when he said to Se yi, “Why is life so painful. And that epilogue was cute. Now korrea learn about the Christmas night that led to J. And maybe I’ll like the ending better then. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

As a viewer, I wish we had gotten clearer answers to some of the questions from the very beginning of the series. Again, let me know if you guys have any requests for songs not on the OST, and I’ll try to upload something that will sound good. Then we see Se-yi and Seol-chan sitting on the steps to the courtyard. This is my issue as well.


He correctly takes her silence to mean she met with Sun-woo, and then teasingly accuses her of being a player. A tiny bit sad that Monstar is over but I’m pretty satisfied overall with it’s run. NN needs time to, to get rid of a SW that she has idolised! Can we download the song?

Drama Korea Monstar Subtitle Indonesia [Episode 1 – 12 : Complete] ~ Cinema Korea 21

I’m just getting over a difficult time in my life and Monstar was so cathartic and a healing force for me. You could sense that their hearts were ready When Sun-woo had told his mother about Seol-chan being adopted, Seol-chan’s main complaint was that he didn’t want to burden dpisode mother.

She says she will ugh and continue to do so until Se-yi is older and ready draama. Actually, I don’t even remember YJH singing anything in falsetto. I did know that!

Drama Korea Monstar Subtitle Indonesia [Episode 1 – 12 : Complete]

And for continuing to recap it so that I could pour my thoughts about this drama, and have a better understanding of the stories. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who shipped these two; they totally had some UT going on x.

Like Seol-chan and Se-yi – there were no grand declarations of love, but how much more awesome was that sequence of them walking back and forth at night with the musicians following them? He shouldn’t have terakhirr a jerk. It would’ve been fun to see him squirm over Se Yi.

Nadia August 6, at 6: I loved this show. Thankfully, he and his mom are making baby steps to improve their relationship. And that he did it in front of Nana kinda spoke of the level of comfort with her.