Flashback — Nick burns down his old crops and plants new ones in the hopes of creating a more self-sufficient community. So, naturally, it is time for one of them to be in a life-threatening situation. As much as ‘Isolation’ was Carol’s episode, other things did happen. Anyone else feeling some Michonne and Daryl chemistry? Daryl and Michonne, two characters who were loners by definition before, now seem to work better as a team, which is an interesting twist. As the voice crackles in and out, the expedition team — Daryl, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese — encounters a horde of Walkers.

The cold open had a nicely layered reveal of first Glenn Steven Yeun digging a grave, angling to show Maggie Lauren Cohan beside him, and then pulling back to reveal more gravediggers and many, many graves. I am aware that I said the same thing about “Infected. Carol’s emotions are all over the place and it serves to make Carol’s transition from a background player to anti-hero seem natural. May 4, at 8: I can always watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer if I want to channel women heroes…. On the other hand, Carol still cares. I know a lot of people are gonna flip out about the ending of this one… and I definitely shed a few tears there while feeling pretty pissed as well.

Madison drives Nick outside and tells him she always finds something cool on supply runs. I figure Madison is dead, too.

Hershel had some great moments in this episode and Wilson nailed the delivery, as always. Nick is that character that you never thought would die because Fear largely revolved around him for the majority of 3 seasons… because he was supposedly built for this world.

Every drink of water, you risk your life. I can always watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer if I want to channel women heroes…. Have you ever got your tire stuck in a patch of mud or snow, and no matter how much you accelerate you just can’t get your car out? Back in the present Nick literally looks at the flowers when suddenly he hears a gunshot.

April 29, at 7: Strand agrees to help her in exchange for escorting them to the flag location. Luciana offers to lead them to a tow truck she saw in exchange for untying them. As much as ‘Isolation’ was Carol’s episode, other things did happen. Two of the casualties of the disease were Karen and David, two survivors who had come down with symptoms and were isolated, only to be found later by Tyreese Chad L. Later, he put his temper to good use by joining a raiding party, whereupon they were beset by a horde of Walkers, which Tyreese dispatched in a bloody rage.


This has been the best episode of Season 4 yet You deserved a better ending than this! Killing off one of the best characters this series had is a grave disappointment.

It made me feel sadness for a character whose name I had forgotten several times because Lizzie’s plight made Carol miserable. With Glenn incapacitated, Hershel steps up to care for Glenn and the other infected. There are more people than ever in the prison, but the characters all seem more alone than they have ever been.

During the third season, Frank Dillane had asked the producers if his character could die so he may pursue other acting opportunities.

Back to the present — Nick gets tackled to the ground by episodee walkers but Morgan saves him. He falls sideways as blood flows out of his mouth. Morgan tells him about the people he lost and how Eastman taught him that all life was precious.

Carol is an amazingly seeason character. Luciana leads the group to the tow truck depot, where they siphon gas and prepare to leave. On the other hand, Carol still cares. Remember how that symbolized Shane’s loss of humanity?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Tyreese is Almost as Badass as Carol

Daryl and Michonne, two characters who were loners by definition before, now seem to work better as a team, which is an interesting twist. While there are no major human casualties this week, the show is building to a bloodbath and Seson worried about who is going to get the axe. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. She is thinking about survival on such a cold robotic level, that it makes HAL look empathetic. Tell us in the comments!

At first, Tyreese could only vent those frustrations by angrily digging graves alone and mouthing off to Rick. This was a bad move on their part. Althea attacks him and holds her hand knife to his neck and demands Luciana pull over.


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This time, Madison takes him to a field of the blue bonnet flowers he found earlier in the day. Wyatt Cenac and the history of comedy and social justice. In season 3, things went very poorly for Glenn and Maggie.

This shot served not only to isolate Glenn which made more sense as the episode went on and to show his place amongst the other members of the group, but also to remind viewers of the potency this new disease carries with it. He does, and Ennis and Charlie drive off. From being tortured and forced to wrestle in a zombie cage-match to being sexually harassed by the Governor that’s Glenn’s situation first, with Maggie being the one that was harassed Glenn and Maggie had a very bad time at Woodbury.

Morgan gets defensive and then leaves. He passes out and remembers a time with waalking and Madison at The Diamond, and then comes to again. episoxe

The original beauty of this franchise was that major characters died. On the hike, Carl learns to make strong judgement calls — precisely when it is acceptable to kill people — and sees the Tree Walker.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Isolation”

Nick pauses by a field of blue flowers and remembers a time he and Madison talked to Mel outside The Diamond. As the expeditionary crew attempts to flee, Tyreese is seemingly overwhelmed by the Walkers. Night Shyamalan-esque plot twist. You brought that character a whole lot of honor and dignity.

What that lesson is, I have no idea. Remember how shocked everyone was when Shane left Otis to die so that he could get away? Althea questions Walknig on his story but he brushes her off.