Meanwhile, the king called a few Brahmins and said, “My mother’s last wish was to offer mangoes to Brahmins. Krishnan Mazhavil Manorama Runway: Feature Film Kariya: Nandhavanam , Vijay Tv Serial. As time passes, Lavanya improves and Nani gets impressed with her. Feature Film Pattabhishekam: Ramakrishna earned the affection and the esteem of the king and the people.

Feature Film Kalippattam: Feature Film Sundhara Purushan: She believes in the strength of love, relationships, and faith in God. Chimp Breakout Do Or Die: Feature Film Kariya: Office , Vijay Tv Serial. But on the auspicious day when she was to present those fruits to Brahmins, the king’s mother died.

This article is closed for comments. Chimp Breakout Do Or Die: He used his hurmour to set thins right whenever injustice was done.

Myna counsels Meenatchi

Feature Film Nannavanu: Meanwhile, the king called a few Brahmins and said, “My mother’s last wish was to offer mangoes to Brahmins. But she died before the wish could be fulfilled. She had visited many holy places and had performed religious rites; she had given much in charity. Nani hires Khushi to help Lavanya become a good bahu. Then Lavanya then stays with Arnav’s family and everyone is happy but Arnav’s nani.


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Krishnadevaraya who had great respect for his mother immediately got delicious mangoes from Ratnagiri. Feature FilmAsianet TV Awards Count DownTaste TimeMahabharthamBalaganapathyChandanamazhaParasparamAmmaSthreedhanamKailasanadham, Comedy StarsHatim Asianet PlusHrudayaragam Nakshatraphalangal Kanippayoorinoppam, Chirikum Thalika Pranayaragangal, Classmates, Swayamvaram Kunjikkoonan: An incident happens when Lavanya looses Nani’s goat Laxshmi but Khushi saves Lavanya from getting into trouble and says it was her fault.

Arnav and Kushi are annoyed by each. Feature Film Koodikazhcha: Feature Film Ramdev: Feature Film Sundhara Purushan: Krishnan Mazhavil Manorama Runway: En MeenskshiVijay Tv Serial.

Meenakshi Impresses Saravanan

The religious rites saravwnan with her death went on for several days. Feature Film Happy Husbands: Feature Film Naa Ninna Bidalare: This makes them vikay. Arnav and Kushi are annoyed by each other instantly but find they are more similar than they might suspect. Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte, Beintehaa,Rangrasiya, Madhubala: The Meltdown Anacondas: His closest emotional bond is with his sister Anjali. Feature Film Karna: Its English sub-titled versions are re-telecasted on Life OK.

Feature Film Kalippattam: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Bani: Feature Film Dushta: MahabharathamVijay Tv Serial. Ramakrishna earned the affection and the esteem of the king and the meenskshi. Instead, Arnav starts hurting Khushi’s feelings in many ways to see her reaction.


What should I do now that she might earn the merit for giving away the fruits? Once she wanted to give fruit in charity and informed so to her son.

Arnav is a rich, arrogant and suave business tycoon with no belief in love or God. However, Lavanya soon realizes that Arnav loves Khushi and leaves him to settle in London. Feature Film Chirikuduka Harthal: Khushi starts working at Arnav’s office and his workers Lavanya Arnav’s girlfriend started mocking Khushi and her clothes along with her friends. Lavanya starts learning the values of a good bahu from Khushi and tries her best to become one.