And I guess a general plea: I’ve seen beautiful photographs taken with disposable cameras. I will probably post more later about what I thought about various other parts of the series as a whole. Second place in the “freak-me-out” podium is the backwards table sequence. Working around their flaws could be done, but it’s much harder, and more soul destroying. I hope we can do something special, because it’s the last one.

This is a good example of manipulation research, especially since, from what I understand, the juggler does most of his choreography AT the location. They will all be released here free to download. The box manipulation was great too, and while a few of the moves recurred often, they were built upon well, so that it was always ‘going somewhere’. And I’ve watched it now, and it is awesome – thanks Oskar! Wes would rock just as hard with beard beach clubs as he does with the clubs he uses. I’m not a great fan of ‘object manipulation’, but I recognise that some good things can come out of it.

Please do not mirror the file. Please do not mirror the file.

Series Manipulation

Again, I’ve enjoyed the mnpltn series, despite not being a fan of mnpltn. Washing brains for bent spoons. On Aug 13, Thank you for the manipuulation words!

Around 11 minutes, you get a view of stockholm? They produce results, but they’re not results which I feel I can work with.

It was so great to see how everything came together to make a simple white room seires interesting. Just under the radar! Every second of that was perfect. It was a pleasure for me and we had some great fun. Is it meant to be an experiment to find something out, or are the videos intended to make a point, or is there no express purpose?


The music, especially near the end, was in my opinion the best of the series so a big-up to Marcus.

VSNBT MNPLTN SRS – The Ministry of Manipulation

It was totally unexpected, and I was amazed for a bit, until I figured the trick. I loved the 3 box stuff, which was very fluid. Most of the rest of this post is from a still photography standpoint as that’s where I focus my interest these days.

I can see there’s something there. Very weird sound, but matched perfectly with the video, and made it come together quite nicely for a full experience.

Oh, and I forgot to say that I thought the soundtrack was very good in context. And of course the manipulation Equipment is, and at the same time, is not important. I’ve seen photographic exhibitions from people who create beautiful photographs with cameras made from baked bean cans. I also appreciated the six boxes making a chair.

This was the best of the Visinbot yet. This apart, for some more in-depth comments: Part one and two were very nice, too, just not as much as this one, but this may just be personal taste ; – fabio.

The boxes which look very clean in a dirty kind of way. I’m not the biggest fan of manipulation, but between Nordic Objects and this series, I’m becoming one.

I may be mistaken, of course. Your use of camera angles, different views, and as usual, the usual crystal clear quality was superb.


The music really plays an important role. The man ain’t got no culture.

Some of my favourite photos from the last 12 months have come out of visiobnot that cost under a tenner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Personal manipulation favorites were the three box balance fold-drop to stack finish; and the reverse manipulation on the table I liked that the boxes often wiggled a little just before they were moved.

I hate manipulaton, but in this case i would watch it on there. Most of my cameras which fall into this category are digital. Nice work, Erik and co.

Visionbot Manipulation Series

The combination seres poor quality optics, and god awful sensors with low resolution, just don’t give results that I can ever be happy with. I don’t know why I feel it’s dulled or even if that is an acurate assessment of my feeling. Someone described the Exploring the space video as having started by taking a simple concept and exploring it to the limit. I didn’t want to offend you in any way, and I deeply apologize if it seemed so.

I would probably change my mind if I ever got some cigar boxes and tried it, I have always been fasinated by all aspects of “juggling” but the only thing I have never understood the appeal of watching or doing is cigar boxes. I think this is my favourite one so far.