What will Perry have to sacrifice to get the perfect life he wanted? The episode will revolve around the kind and studious young girl named Kat and the school bully Bea. Meet Tonyo, a boy who was electrocuted which gives him electric powers to help people who are in danger and in which he will fall in love with a news reporter named Penelope. It is eventually revealed that the shoes were possessed by the spirit of a dancer, who wants to help the teenager. This marks the start of a new journey for the siblings as they go on a mission to bring back the perfect family they once had. However, the praises get into her head and she becomes overly confident of herself.

An episode that will teach kids and families on important lesson about keeping promises. Bechay’s parents experienced life problems. What will Iris do to make everything right? She didn’t want to be fat, so she wanted to drink a slim potion. However, an old man who is a butterfly reminds him that Anna will only live normally for one week. Maliksi Morales, Nanding Josef. Tanya has emulated the arrogance of her mother who fires her employees without even listening to their side of the story. When they entered a father and son nature trek challenge, Carl’s father meets his high school classmate who used to bully him around.

Though her parents were against her plan of joining, she still pursues. The only way to stop their plan is for Abarinding to become a human though she will not be brought back to become a dwarf again if she wanted to be human. One day, Jing-jing discovered a magic beanstalk where she became friends with a giant who gave her huge vegetables to sell in their market. Buboy is a young boy who is fond of playing with spiders.


She helps her crush, who was disembodied ghost, and one of the goons who actually died to uncover the mystery upon the former’s life. On his father’s birthday, Kael chose to tocuh with his friends rather than celebrate his dad’s special day.

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Yayo is a young girl with asthma who needed to go to a remote part of her province to cure her illness. A girl who meets dwarf which her mother doesn’t want to share granted her fyll after she apologizes. He continues to use the shoes for money and good deeds.

An ugly old lady, presumably a banshee from Irish mythologycasts a spell on a drink. One day, the piggy bank comes to life and gives out a lot of money. As she continues to deceive herself with her undeserved grades, Sarah takes cheating on a different level when she was given a magic episore that can answer test questions on its own. She was later revealed to be cursed with the hair. One day, the fairy doll grants their wishes by switching up the characters of the two.

In the end, he saves his mother and learns the important lesson on proper hygiene. A ten-year-old kid named Juan has tokch wanted to have a basketball court in their garden.

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Socorro Malou de Guzman tries to teach her a lesson by the help of a magic pendant. Maya is a disobedient child longing for the attention of her mother who solely raised her. What kind of treasure will Yami find in Tanya’s world? Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. Jessy MendiolaJ. However, the praises get into her head and she becomes overly confident of herself.


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So they decided to steal the genies’ bottle but wansapahataym genies had been drunk when they poured wine in their bottle. An episode that will teach the importance of education. When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to compete against her mother’s gay son.

The Masked Singer 5. The paintbrushes run out every week.

How will they be able to help each other in protecting it from other fairies who want to steal it? However, she realized that she was not comfortable in the city, so she went back to her forest. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Boyong’s powers as a tikbalang are strength and speed.

Bokbok, ang batang mapanubok Can a Santa with amnesia give Badong and his kids a “Merry Christmas”? In her evil stepmother’s mansion, she discovers a wood fairy that helps her find her mother. An 8-year-old girl named Bessy, who doesn’t really care about episdoe, makes a mess wherever she goes.