The oneshots here are alright but my focus lies with the main story. They’re an unexpect pair for me. Mujihi na Otoko V. Nonetheless, though it is not a mind-challenging sort of BL, it can still grant some level of satisfaction, mainly due to the quantity of bishonen involved. Last updated on April 26th, , 9: I really, really appreciate it and thank you for all the fans! That’s the yuu i know. How do you feel about a “classic” anime being remade with today’s animation standards?

Vol 9 – Mujihi Na Anata! They’re not all that deep or serious, but they’re funny and extremely lovable! P ty again to Sakurayuki from tumblr! I’ll go ahead and recommend this series make sure you read it in order! I gave up on “Warui” after the first volume because Towa is too dumb and predictable a uke for my liking and Mikado is absolutely banal as the seme. Please, change this politic, you have an item there called “related series” where we can get all the related series as the title says. I have to make sure not to include my sexual minority in the series laugh. Try out our new iPhone application!

Warui Koto Shitai V. Let me just say that they are my least favorite couple.

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I gave up on “Warui” after the first volume because Towa is too dumb and predictable a uke for my liking and Mikado is absolutely banal as the seme. This was a long awaited cd: Kare ja Nai Kedo time!

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After the mild letdown that was Koi ja Nai Kedo, I was very happy to find that I really love this so far, and this further confirmed my love for ShinonomexYuki. I don’t mind reading about naive, dense characters because i find them cute.


Even with the lovely minor Cx friendship, I was still dissatisfied with the overall story, especially with how Yuki fails at untying himself I mean, really, he has a free hand! Finally, Akagi and Kousaka. Log in to vote! Track 1 for Mujihi Na Karada is out.

Trust me, you are bound to fall in love with one of these couples. The characters are nuts. Pair 4 Volumes involving this pairing are: Personally, i don’t care for Akagi and Kousaka.

Anyways, I read Warui Koto Shitai first.

Warui series

Kousaka was my favourite at the time I read Sunao, mostly because you could feel there was space there for development, in a way that does not resound with the remaining cast. They have that cool-but-complex vibe bakoashite on on the surface, but then they all react the way they are supposed to, in a very unsurprising manner.

D I like his delinquent-ish looks, and I like his model student look as well. If the author and editor think the books are different works, have different names and not “xx vol 17″why do you group it together?

Speaking of sex, why gomennassai heck does nobody use lube? But there weren’t there the comments and the rating anymore I love Akagi’s split personality and Kousaka’s family problems especially that thing going on with his brother. He’s trying his best and it’s sweet seeing the tiny character development that does happen throughout the story.

I even thought it was hilarious when Mikado sent Towa that text message near the beginning- he even has a dorky side to him XD But yes, this volume and ShinonomexYuki shot up towards the top of my favorites list for a briefly glorious time before they were unceremoniously gekokujou-ed with my reading Mujihi na Otoko.


Thank you for your kind support. Eat something sweet Could you tell us what your desk look like? What do you have to be careful of when you work? The story might be predictable but it’s still fun and quite enjoyable to read. Warui Koibito Ja Gomennssai

Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Whether it be siblings, friendship, family, etc.

Please, revert this, and restore comments and ratings as they used to be At least with Shinonome he had a different dynamics from the other couples and that was refreshing. I made this page to see how many people would be interested in seeing an anime version of this manga. On reading lists On wish lists On 37 unfinished lists On custom lists. Because some of my friends are n00bs, I created this Order list as simple as possible for anyone to follow to read the Series by Waruo Mei, in which it involved 3 different couples.

How do you feel about a “classic” anime being remade with today’s animation standards?

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T Ah, and I do miss the sensei. They’re an unexpect pair for me. I always love the drama genre so I’m always up for a heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story. I don’t mind them as side characters but they lack the authority of key protagonists.