Dialog is not easy to follow. Features the same smooth animation and voice actors. I am unfamiliar with the related series and characters and it is not my kind of story. Shorts HD 1x; 2x Blu-ray. Early and garish CGI including noticeable rotoscoping. The uncredited English dub is okay, however the story thin with limited dialog and is only one episode long. The fair production values, “flat” unlikable characters don’t help. Nudity Adult situations Sale!

Decent art with standard HS character designs. Looks okay for the limited art and animation it has. Female reporter versus a killer android. A good devil with sparky and brisk SOL action but slows mid-way. Elaborate production for only 2 episodes. Much like Girls Bravo but attempts to be more serious.

A confusing mystery-horror story that is many times episkde, cruel and cynical; saved by both the backgrounds, character designs and animation which are very good to excellent, as is the voice work. Inexpensive, lively, obvious and entertaining.

Not too many anime are better than this. Movie – 88 minutes.

aldebaran66’s Anime

A more-or-less complete adaptation of the first few volumes of the manga. Sharp art, fluid fight animation and great music score.


Slow aesthetoca political thriller. Thoughtful and restrained action for Trigger, An interesting experiment where we share the pain in this experiment with a group of new friends. Movie – 99 minutes. Rare anime anthropomorphic MC in a series.

Movie – 71 minutes. Excellent voice work and a good but confusing story. Excellent art direction for a sensitive retelling of three historical Japanese ghost stories. Excellent voice work with funny exchanges written in. More drama than the first season but still humorous. Slow paced, atmospheric mystery and psychological horror.

Risque and alluring body-swap story.

Excellent hentai lonely lovers aesthwtica. Short mystery arc prequel to the OVA series. Fair production values, active and interesting, but not a stand-out.

Decent production values, dub and upscale. Excellent English voice work by a familiar crew.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica 09 Eng Dub

Nice looking violent and graphic addition to the horror series. Dialog is not easy to follow. The characters are disagreeable, unattractive and uninteresting as is the story. Highschool of the Dead: Slice of live where action is rare except in the more dramatic last episodes. Not the strongest dub or story. Story is disjointed at first then settles down somewhat. The seasoned season is even better. Elaborate production for only 2 episodes.


Starts with some prequel backstory. Brother-sister romantic drama with limited art and animation. At the end as an “episode 14” but falls in at about Very nice artwork and character art and music.

Watch My Hero Academia (JP) S01E09 (Dub) Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida! – ShareTV

Also running on Chiller. The story has a strong start, but fizzles out toward the end. All episodes available online. Sexy, lively and funny. Futuristic science fiction with an intergalactic war and enemy. Sekirei Season 1 Episode 1. Story is slow to unfold with some gruesome action.

Some improvement with plot twists in the later episodes, but still disappointing. Attack on Hro Season 1 Episode 9. The later episodes are better written and produced. And our favorite VAs sing a little!