Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. They burst from the start as Nichkhun pulls ahead at the first stop. Emang masih banyak yg seru, tapi postingan ini mah saya cuma nyantumin episode-episode yg bintang tamunya banyakan idol. Superman Returns is also about the aid of an adult towards the young and feeble kids where they are prone to danger, exploitation and ignorance. I was really surprised to find that Yonghwa was a maknae of the group – he always seems older to me – it’s probably his maturity. The idol team won the game and did not go home empty handed.

Ini pengamatan obyektif ya, bukan karena saya sone jadi ngebela. Setelah di episode 93 Jongkook yang keluar sebagai pemenang, maka dia dikasih kebebasan untuk menentukan pasangan. Not that i always hate the scripted RM.. Sometimes, they work as a team and cooperate for one common goal. Eunhyuk was on point in this episode too I’m being biased lol, he’s one of my favourite SJ member. Snake Race Bintang tamu: Poor Eunjung – can’t run due to her really serious knee injuries and we know she can’t swim. I’m not really a fan, more of a 2am fan than 2pm, but whenever I watch him as a guest in running man I can’t help but like him because he is always polite and modest.

Koreografi feminimnya Sistar juga dibawakan dengan baik sama si Sparta Kook. Both teams seem to speed up sending their teammates flipping over their hurdles. Huge fan of all the members of the Idol Runniing – especially Hyuk: King of Idols Sumber: Math Race Binang tamu: I really loved the epic fail with the tumblings xD. Maknae FD’s entrance run faster!

Ini pengamatan obyektif ya, bukan karena saya sone jadi ngebela. This makes it the top free-to-air television program on Saturday evening, and also the most viewed non-drama program in South Korea every week excluding special sporting events, since Novemberwith the exception of JanuaryApril and May It has kept the same scheduled time, since first airing in Nichkhun is no scrawny idol and Jong-kook is legitimately flustered as he hears a part of his name tag rip.

The water challenge was great, Ji hyo and Jae Suk were good. There is a 15 min interval to change between hunter and prey. Kalau nametag ripping kemungkinan besar om jongkook pasti keluar jadi pemenang. He slips into an empty box for cover and even pokes a hole so he can see. Seperti judul, episode kali ini bertema Olimpiade pas dengan momen yang tengah diadakan di London pada waktu itu.


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Itu pasti yg ditonton episode kan yg bilang gitu. Woah looks like those years of ballet training sure came in handy, Lee Joon. Jadi sebelumnya setiap peserta disuruh memilih dari 12 kartu yang bergambar binatang-binatang zodiak tahun, siapa yang dapat kartu bergambar eprama jadi target, namun siapa-siapanya dirahasiakan hingga akhir. This was such a great episode, i really liked that the running man cast had to work together and though i was torn about which team to support, i really cheered for the idol team when up against jongkook, they really deserve the win for eliminating him haha and its strange to get guests that actually challenge or overpower the cast, such great fun!

Your email address will not be published. Back to the action with two minutes left to seek for Team Running Man. Working together, they pin Jong-kook to the ground and overtake him.

I usually enjoy and like Jihyo but I do notice that she is smart when it comes to being a spy or coming up with schemes however when it’s physical like in this hide n seek race, she’s not strong enough. Remember to watch it every week! The other games were fun, but what kept the episode lively was the dynamics in both teams and against each other.

Yang kreatif 1104 bertahan.

Daftar Episode Running Man Bertabur Idol – Arip Yeuh!

I feel sorry for Nickhun though, because of the what’s happened to him. I was really surprised to find that Yonghwa was a maknae of the group – he always seems older to me – it’s probably his maturity. Namun untuk Monday Couple harus berpisah dulu. Salah satunya dengan menghadirkan Kwang-hee yang kalau boleh dibilang letoy.

Sesuai judulnya, episode yang emang bener-bener spesial. I din’t really like her in DH and I don’t like T-ara either so whatever. Currently, Happy Togetheris still placed one of the most popular shows on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at This isn’t she shouldn’t have agreed to come on more like she was told to do it and she had too lol I don’t think you know how these companies operate.

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If they didn’t misunderstand that stupid announcement, the dumb productionteam’s fault, Gary and Ji Eg would have won. The first mission is a relay race and epframa the course, the anchor has it especially tough. The volleyball challenge was funny as well. I hope the other readers or fans of Running Man think that the team purposely made themselves fail in the end, that they would somehow make themselves lose just for the sake of letting the idols have the gold.


Karena para lelaki RM kecuali Gary pada memilih jadi timnya Choi Ji-woo sang primadona Winter Sonata, sehingga semua flower boy yang jadi bintang tamu masuk tim Jihyo. The game was so good because both teams were so close to winning and fought hard for it. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Jadi rating bagi mereka sepertinya cuma acuan untuk buat game lebih seru lagi.

Ji Hyo’s outburst against Myuk PD about her weight being broadcast in the last episode. And it was nice to see Running Man cast work together again, together they are really strong.

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Jung Gyu Woon Cameo. Looks like he really enjoys being there.

I was really itching for the Runningman team to win, just because they seem to have so many disadvantages I mean, come on, we all love Sukjin and Gwangsoo pedrama we know that they suck at catching people and ripping nametags off compared to the idol athletes, and darn, if they just hadn’t wagch the bell-ringing, they would’ve totally gotten Khun too!

When RM came together like a team, first time in a long time, why the PD has to eeng them lost to the guest. How cute was Team Idol? As of Januaryit still has the largest market share for its timeslot; roughly between 13 to 17 percent of Korean television viewers watch Infinite Challenge at 6: Nichkhun is clearly impressed and readies himself to run.

Dan variety show Running Man ini bisa tetap bertahan hingga lebih dari tiga tahun karena tim kreatifnya emang bener-bener kreatif. Out of the box now, Lee Joon runs outside and then runs in the opposite direction as Gary chases his tail.