Industry Sponsored laboratories in the Campus: Number of National Magazine 18 5. Vision of the Institute: What efforts are made by the College to keep pace with the infrastructure requirements to facilitate Research? Mock Interviews and Group Discussions Industry Institute Interaction Cell The institution has also entered into Memorandum of Understanding with a number of reputed industries to provide eminent resource people to share their expertise with the students and faculty. The participation of these students in any of these activities will be monitored and encouraged by the tutor and academic coordinator and is recorded in the proctor card of the students. Tech Nanoscience and Technology – – – – – – – – – The college has a centralized library with a digital library facility as well.

A simple feedback questionnaire has been designed, containing the course name and the staff handling it. Class Committee Meetings are convened by the Class Committee Chair Person, who is not teaching any course for that class, during that semester. Describe the mechanism used in the design and development of the curriculum? The institute is actively promoting interdisciplinary projects and students are constantly encouraged to take-up such projects. Chair Person Chair Person 3. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Library is also open even after the college hours for effective utilization by advanced learners. The management waivers fee for the students who join through sports quota.

Year of Starting Engineering and Technology B. Meetings are conducted by the Heads of the Departments to disseminate the essence of the reform to their faculty members.

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The laboratory space, electricity charges, furniture, office equipment etc. Karthikeyan Assistant Professor Sr. A book bank is also available saravanah the eligible students. The institution started with four engineering programmes with a total annual intake of has today grown into an institution with nine programmes in Undergraduate level and nine specializations at Postgraduate level in Engineering and Technology along with MBA with total student strength of around In that what percentage of teachers are with PG as highest qualification?


They contribute by bringing saravanaj industry focus and also provide their feedback sarabanan the enrichment of the curriculum. The objectives of the MoUs are 1. The following statutory committees are functioning in the institution to take care of the administrative and academic procedures as per the norms stipulated by AICTE and Affiliating University: D as on – July S.

Project Interns for students 5. The fact that the college is one of the most reputed institutions in the Coimbatore region itself serves as an advertisement. The college has a mentoring system in place to put them at ease.

If yes, how is it analyzed and used for improving the library services. What are the efforts made by the institution in giving the faculty due recognition for innovation saravanzn teaching?

Tutors record the minutes of the discussion with the students.


Give data for current academic year S. The students are motivated to do industry and research oriented projects. This also resulted in recognition of faculty members for the best faculty award by the industry thus enhancing the motivation and enthusiasm. If yes, give details on how the study has helped the College to improve the performance of these students.

Saravanna Electronics and Drives M. Academic calendar, teaching plan and evaluation blue print, etc.

Cite a few examples which have positively impacted the evaluation management system? A group of well experienced experts from the University deliver lectures for various subjects. Provision for applying for review of answer script 8. Major heads of the expenditure are given below.


Risk Management The students are given with unique credentials in getting access to the machine.

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David Rathinaraj, Controller of Examinations Dr. If yes, list them and indicate if policies regarding admission, fee meenakshii, teacher qualification and salary are at par with the aided programmes?

The Alumni Association of the Institution provides scholarship and financial assistance to the meritorious meenkashi belonging to economically weaker sections. Whenever a new facility is created in the college to enhance the teaching learning process or in terms of learning resources, the faculty and the students are made aware of the facilities through their official mail-ids.

The feedback is collected from the employer on the industry institute gap, so that this saravanaj be addressed at the appropriate time of the curriculum revision. Introduction of new elective courses.

The relevant suggestions are considered while designing the curriculum. The industry members contribute by projecting the industry requirements and expectations. No Name of the Industry Department 1. Computational Fluid Dynamics 2.

In such cases, the curriculum monitoring committee of the department makes the comparison meena,shi the curriculum and advices the student on the additional courses to be registered. Awareness programmes were conducted regularly for the school students along with SREC NSS regarding engineering education and guided them to choose their career paths. Electronics and Instrumentation 7. Mobile Adhoc Networks