His grandfather sealed his sixth sense the ability to sense monsters in order to protect him. They encountered the demon including Kazane and Rikugo goes after her, but the demon flees and Ryuusai appears in front of the Shinsho. Chio Su Ping as Masahiro Mokkun. Mark Aspiras as Kouta. During the conversation with the Kifune Dragon God who possessed Masahiro, Akiko enters unexpectedly then the Dragon God leaves afterwards. Meanwhile, Akiko is still getting bothered by haunting voices. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream!

When he was young, his spiritual sight was so strong that Seimei temporarily sealed it away until he was old enough to properly use it. Have you seen this? Meanwhile, Kazane awakes and saw Kai alive and talking so the 2 of them go to where her mom was sealed by Guji. Haruhi Terada as Tatsuki Utsugi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 9 February , at After the battle, Mokkun got humiliated when Masahiro wants him to admit that he likes Kohime who doesn’t fear him anymore and the other Shinsho joined him eating Narichika’s rice balls.

Orphen Season 1 Eps 1 lessam c. James Schuber as Gaku.

Junko Takeuchi as Kai Kazanes Bird. Mokkun and Masahiro are still pondering about the ox demon that attacked them last night.

Shounen onmyouji episode 1 anime series english subbed

Masahiro and Mokkun noticed the evil aura around Yukinari’s house and goes to investigate. Hiromi Konno as Taiin. Abe no Masahiro is the grandson of the greatest onmyouji Abe no Seimei. Meanwhile, Takao’s minion felt Kazane’s spiritual power then goes to the underworld revealing to be Chigaeshi no Miko’s daughter.


Shonen Onmyouji (TV)

Haruhi Terada as Tatsuki Utsugi. Masahiro’s dream to surpass his grandfather will not be realised as easily as he hopes. Masahiro is back in bed, resting.

After Yukinari’s awake, he gives Masahiro an advice about Toshitsugu and Masahiro agrees that he will be a better onmyouji.

Then later, an evil spirit is planning to get revenge on the man he hates so Masahiro and Mokkun will have to find out who’s the man that the evil spirit’s after. The Young Spirit Master. Carina Hales as Kouchin. Shelf Life – Squash Knives Dec 8, Ostensibly a fantasy military story starring the world’s most conniving little girl, the series is really an extended argument between Atsushi Imaruoka as Banban Dubbec.

He tries hard dubbef everything, but never succeeds at anything. However, the trail leads them to what appears to be an abandoned farm. Edward Choy Keng Choong as Shun. Sanae Kobayashi as Fujiwara no Akiko. An evil spirit named Moronao is going after Fujiwara no Yukinari thinking that he’s the one who exiled him and engulfs him in an evil aura.

Views Read Edit View history. Ryou Sugisaki as Dorou.


Shounen Onmyouji Episode 1 Anime Series English Subbed

Lum the Forever Patlabor: Yumiko Daikoku as Hitotsuki. Back at Kifune, Masahiro decides to lent Takaokami’s power: After two long months, episode 1 of Virtua Fighter is finally up! Retrieved eipsode ” https: Then, the crow reveals to be Chishiki no Guji the one who kills Ryuusai and cursed the emperor then uses Touda to attack Seimei and his Shinsho.

What can it be? Hiroki Takahashi as Rikugou.

He doesn’t know about it until he meets Mokkun. Snglish, Rikugo arrives to help Seimei and teamed up with him to fight against Guji and managed to defeat him along with his demons allowing Ryuusai to R. Masahiro awakes from a dream and Akiko noticed the spirit border guard whom he saves it from Toshitsugu’s attack that was inside him. Anime Expo – Geneon Entertainment Jul 2, Then, Masahiro revives Mokkun by sacrificing his life for him and he faints.

The content anime I collect from many different sources. Naoko Suzuki as Abe no Narichika.