Part of the wall quite a bit up the street from him jutted out like a chimney. It was only then that Gordon remembered he had a terrible throwing arm, and even with the best luck in the world he wouldn’t be able to reach the other side of the street. Gordon aimed his weapon, not sure what the hell to expect. It looked like some giant had taken a bite directly off the top. Now before we move on to the big push, it’s our job to get in there and shut that thing down however we can. It’s all too hard and long and spends a lot of time and effort which I do not have much

AlekZanDer Oct 28 Creepy. Doesn’t help to see someone killed like that, no matter how well you know them. That’s how long I’ve been runnin’ around this place. Barney smiled and patted him on the shoulder. The horse was the centrepiece of a roundabout junction, roads heading off in four directions around it. Doberman gave him a forceful shove, though he didn’t need any encouragement. At first it looked like they were going to have to find another way around, but as soon as Doberman’s curious hand touched it, the door sprang to life. There was gunfire coming from behind the soldiers as well, and one of them was facing the other way, presumably firing on Doberman and the others down below.

Crappy Logo Productions: “Watch the head-humpers Gordon!”

Eventually he reached the top, although he was fairly certain it wasn’t always that way when the building was complete. Peeking around the open door that swung next him, Gordon could see buildings covering his left and straight ahead of him.

After clearing the wood, they continued their journey to the horse, hopping from one building to the next and eventually emerging into an open wound of a building. He went to the glrdon, stopped, took a breath, and stormed through, charging for an old car that had been left askew in the street. No articles were found matching the criteria specified. And Gordon knew why. Gunfire interrupted him, and he dove to the ground, watching a headcrab explode in a cloud of green blood, the remains flopping to the floor beside him.


“Watch the headhumpers, Gordon.”

Barney looked confused for a moment, but then noted the power core. Arms shaking a little from the effort, Dog looked over his shoulder at Gordon. He wished that Alyx were there so that she would be there and not in some Combine stronghold having something done to her that was so horrible Barney didn’t even want to talk about it.

Big brains are useful nowadays. They moved on, Gordon’s question about the horse ignored yet again. The bullets yanked the cabinet from the Gravity Gun’s grip, and it took some fancy controlling of the device to grab it before he was too exposed.

After you saw me getting dragged off by those soldiers. He strode out into the open, where the broken wall afforded him the least cover.

The rest of headhumperz roof was clear, and Gordon could see the suppression device, now inert without the generator giving it power. A friendly clap on the arm was the only response he got before Barney nodded to the open wall behind Gordon. Hopefully the HEV suit would absorb most of the impact.

It’s the main source of pain for this part of town, thanks to a huge suppression device that’s rainin’ down hell from the roof of that place.

There were only three, but he was sure that number would increase soon. It was certainly grandiose. A few days ago, Gordon would have asked ‘why me? You put him down, or I’ll kill you using two fingers.

The pain was ludicrous, reminding him of the bullets from a gunship. Barney opened fire, ducking behind the other side of the doorway. He’s pinned down in a warehouse up ahead. Last I hear you kill some huge, end-of-the-world monster, then… nothin’. The man roared like a man possessed, using minimal cover and charging like a rhino towards them gordno he fired almost continuously. There should be another one for the suppressor on the roof. He could hear machinery. But Barney… he felt betrayed.


The light died, and so did Victor.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

It was almost parallel to the open door that would take him up to Barney. Met a bunch of scientists who had worked on the prototype. The other Strider had taken wath, and was thumping over to assist.

Silence descended, only punctuated by headhumers occasional explosion from outside. He managed to get the rocket off, but a football sized bullet from a nearby Strider tore him in half, knocking him off the building. Touching the wall, he kicked off again and ran towards the Strider that had felled the gunship. The look on her face made it seem as if she had just accidentally shot him.

Low effort memes e. Hfadhumpers cautiously got down to his hands and feet, crawling along the floor and moving to what remained of the wall.

Wow, this really makes me think what Minecraft would be like if it had current generation visuals. Then the doors exploded off their hinges, and five soldiers burst through.

He blinked the stars away as he heard the Strider roar. Looking through the window frame, he saw a bronze statue of a horse waiting for him. I hope you can headgumpers the game at least on level of Prospekt or even better.

She said she met you. They eventually ascended up some stairs leading to a corridor, large windows revealing an expansive courtyard area in front of them.