Provodnikov made him pay, however, tagging him with hard shots in the first round, and staggering him in the second. I want to say I’m sorry to all my fans! Luzhniki Stadium , Moscow , Russia. Calvillo vs Cortney Casey. Provodnikov connected with a left hook in the first round that knocked Algieri down and formed a large swelling under the challenger’s right eye. Ruslan Provodnikov unanimous decision, , ,

It was close, but Provodnikov took a nap in the middle rounds. One more fight in my career when I did my doping test I had black urine, the first one was against Tim Bradley.. Vacant Title last held by Khabib Allakhverdiev. After a gruelling 12 round fight with Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse, former WBO boxing champion Ruslan Provodnikov took a mandatory urine test after the Russian took quite a beating throughout. Provodnikov’s translator’s quote starts at the 1: Um, that’s what most people do in the, the place where I live, and, you know, I think boxing saved my life.

BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz. Provodnikov said that he wanted to learn English. Sorry, no robbery but just a great fight by both great fighters, you got to respect that.

Bradley a champion just because the wills of American judges. The point the Russian missed from the first round was outrageous. For WBO welterweight title. I want to say I’m sorry to all my fans! Timothyy Title next held by Ekapol Singwancha. I think it was a well deserved win due to the fact that Provodni,ov face looking like silly putty.

One more fight in my career when I did my doping test I had black urine, the first one was against Tim Bradley. Casino Vodoley, Yekaterinburg, Russia. Daniel Brizuela Round My dad took me there, and I got rewarded for fighting, so that’s how I loved boxing.


Negotiations began for a bout with fellow power puncher, Argentine Lucas Matthyssethere was a large amount of hype surrounding the fight coming in. Your guess is a good as mine! A lot of respect for Lucas, he was the better fighter tonight. Matthysse broke his right hand in the fight. Luzhniki StadiumMoscowRussia.

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After dispatching of veteran Jose Luis Castillo in five rounds, in his home country. During the prime of his career, Provodnikov was known as a highly aggressive pressure fighter possessing formidable punching power and an exceptionally durable chin. Um, I don’t think that if I was in box- if I wasn’t in boxing I don’t think that you provpdnikov have ever known that there’s such a person exists by the name of Ruslan Provodnikov.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Timothy Bradley Round 6 Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez. Bradley prevailed aganist everything Provo Denikin could throw… Dessert Strom is what they call him and I see why! Views Read Edit View history.

Please gave me a break!!!. July 27th 5. I agree boxing is the sport1. He needs to be very careful about brain injury.

This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs ; the patronymic is Mikhailovich and the family name is Provodnikov. It’s hard to find the time, but hopefully one day I will learn the lang, the language.

Ruslan Provodnikov’s urine sample after his bout with Lucas Matthysse went viral. This quote is in the video’s subtitles that start at the 0: After being outboxed the first few rounds, Ruslan came back in the prpvodnikov half of the bout, and begun to break down Matthysse, hurting him severely in the 11th round but failed to capitalize, or achieve enough early on and went on to lose a Majority decision.


Provodnikov stalked Bradley ,,alot…. Provodnikov said that he wanted to provide for his son and give his son options in life. Jimmie Rivera vs Sterling.

Provodnikov said that he enjoyed playing soccer and playing basketball. Vacant Title next held by Lucas Matthysse.

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Chad Mendes vs Volkanovski. Provodnikov lost a close unanimous decision to Timothy Bradley on March 16,for the WBO welterweight championship. Ruslan Provodnikov vs Jose Rpovodnikov. The performance of both boxers was outstanding: This is the 2nd time a boxer of Freddie Roach 1st was Pacquiao was robbed due to the decisions of the b.

I hope everybody saw what they expected from this fight. Either way, what a fight! Kron Gracie vs Caceres. In the last round, Provodnikov badly hurt Bradley again but Bradley took a knee with just seconds remaining, beating the count and hanging on to win the fight on points.

I almost had him, but the fight happened the way it happened. Provodnikov fought several times on ESPN 2’s Porvodnikov Night Fights and developed a reputation for being an exciting, come forward, pressure fighter. I had a huge laughing fit when the disfigured Provodnikov said in the post-fight interview: Provodnikov’s translator’s quote starts at the 1: Still a great fighter though.

Vicente Luque vs Barberena. Relive Ruskin Provodnikov vs Timothy Bradley!