To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You have been warned. I meant to put this out on Halloween but I was really busy. As he meets the other characters, you get to see the Supernatural Investigation Department grow and change. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It follows Lee, an ordinary guy who is trying to fight to survive and find his wife and daughter. Apartment – Joana Oct 29, likeit 8,

They are usually fully colored and highly detailed and everyone looks attractive and fabulous. Neighbor – Sangmin Kim Oct 3, likeit 12, Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus broke out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. National Dog Day Various Artists. At the beginning of each chapter, you will see the following message:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

This site uses cookies. Gatekeeper This is one of my favorite Discover Webtoons, but sadly it hasn’t updated since February…c’mon, Boxno, get thrjller here! They are all really scary and fun. The characters are probably my favorite part of this Webtoon so far and they’ll eventually chil,er a pretty cool apocalypse survival team. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost – Horang Nov 1, likeit 14, Email required Address never made public.

Group Chat – Seunghun Nah Oct 9, likeit 11, This Webtoon is full of psuedoscience, crazy cult practices, and conspiracies. Looking for another post apocalyptic series with kids struggling to survive near-impossible circumstances?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your WordPress. I definately recommend this webtoon. Another collection of short stories.

Exclusive to this Webtoon, it chillef animation and sounds, so be sure to turn your volume way up and read at night for the best experience!: The main character is Jin Seon, a boy who has a plethora of health problems, including artificial valves in his heart and a glass eye. But if you want something that has an interesting plot, well-though out characters, and don’t mind zombies, this is probably for you. Which genres do you like?


My next and sadly last genre recommendation will be slice of life. Distant sky is a horror mystery Webtoon with elements of action and drama.

Download comics on your phone for offline reading! If you’ve liked the other three, you will probably like this one too. But as for who the serial killer is and why this person is living in someone’s house, well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. This is about Leon, a normal guy who behaves normally for the most part he doesn’t act like those horror movie charactersand how he becomes involved with Catharsis, the group that battles the Timorem.

Delivery Service – Jingook Lim Sep 12, likeit 15, Well, I hope at least one of these series has interested you. Also, not all of them are necessarily scary. It really gives you more than just a chill. Chillervarious artists, completed: Beginning on the ewbtoon day after a zombie virus broke out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. It’s about Simoon Lee, a detective who can see ghosts, but is apart from shamans, until one case happens that does get him involved in the lives of other shamans.

This Webtoon puts a new spin on what makes the apocalypse and the zombies that appear in it. It kind of reminds me of Tales of the unusual, but it’s a lot shorter with each episode usually being its own story or the occasional two-parter. Peephole – Honeybee Nov 20, likeit 9, It’s reminiscent of older horror movies, if those movies were made modern day, but retained that older feel.


No chillerr is safe, and I really mean no one is safe. If you’re doing nothing at qebtoon moment, what are you waiting for?

My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Thriller

It’s amazing at building suspense, and is the perfect binge read. You’ve already chillr this. Email required Address never made public. Unknown Caller Various Artists. Distant Sky is about a boy who wakes up in a destroyed, dark, Gangnam. If you’re scared of bugs, don’t read this.

Kyun Yoon, a classmate of his whom he becomes determined to save and protect, no matter the cost. If this is something you’re interested in, then go check it out!

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost – Horang – 22 | Chiller

Hive This is not your typical apocalypse. The drawing is also very cute. Scream – Yoonsoo Shim Dec 5, likeit 8, But they do have a solid selection of stories to look at, and many of them are really, really good.

It has mild jump scares, and plenty of plot twists and turns. This was actually the first one I decided to read because the cover was so eye-catching. Like three days webgoon. Do Not Scream – Yeowon Nov 27, likeit 7, Duty After School The only thriller to not webtoob in the thriller category it’s in the drama category…why, I dunno.