Eun-Jae shouts at the voice to shut up and it does hahahha. She feigns ignorance when asked why she ignored his call. Hahah yeah, i wish he was just unconscious! This makes me wonder if Dad’s gonna have to die pretty soon, either at YS’ hands, or by shooting himself in the foot while trying to kill YS. But only green lace plus on front of everyone Announces that she like to get back together with MY. And then gives Nana a cheeky wink, gah.

I was so excited for this drama because I like the leads and the story sounded interesting. I really really want a happy ending for the OTP. If he dares to try and retaliate against her, her first article at Trouble Maker will be a revealing tell-all about how this chaebol does drugs and hires thugs to beat up people. LMH is looking hotter and sexier each episode. Funny you would mention Buffy and Angel. As an observer, I would venture to say you are the only one who is not relaxed in this conversation and possibly reading too much into it.

I knew it would all work out but they did a great job of keeping up guessing!

First episode was good but the pacing was slow. Tae-Han apologizes and Reporter Go uses his sleuthing skills to deduce that the woman he was referring to was Dong-Ah. They need to hurry!! Could you imagine how Jinpyo would feel like if he thought his brother was being replaced? But now that Yuni has played his role, her next episore is jealous Su Yeong, who gave her exactly what she wanted when she broke down over the fact that Jong Hui is painting again.

Flirtations exist all the time rimance older and younger people.


He runs and notifies Tae-Han that they are at the swimming pool. Because I can’t think of any other way!! I can definitely see how much thought you put into the show.

[recap] Wild Romance โ€“ Episode 16 Final โ€“ the talking cupboard

They go back to his apartment where he still speaks to her formally. Lee Dong Wook Main Cast. I don’t he’d be able to handle it if he just lived a normal life, and something like Kyung-Hee remarries happen. Shik-joong sends off the trio with some homemade food, giving the men a small rimance and Eun-ah a huge one.

City Hunter: Episode 12 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Am not sure where it’s going, though. And was stunned that Jin-pyo’s evil laughter was matched by mine!

Chang-Woo tries to make an excuse for Eun-Jae and only realizes that the woman is their mom when she introduces herself as Eun Ji-Sook. Have to agree that for an opener it was a bit on the slow side and a bit on the “uh, where is the hero, I thought this only has 10 episodes so shouldn’t he be here already” side, but I’ll give it a chance: As JS watched him drive away, I noticed a slight look of accomplishment Mind you I have a family of my own.

I really don’t get it. She could have just TOLD him what to do and let him do it when he’s ready. Those police officers were also serving their country and Nana a victim of one of the “5” is also serving her country. Jong-Hee looks at him and asks who he is.

Just like about everyone who loves this show as much as I do, I presume. MadDino June 30, at And the way she acted as fanatic fangirl made Mu-yeol wants to regrets of spoiling her, but deep inside him he was very happy because it was his payment for being a sleaze bag to Eun Jae during last episode.


A phone call saves Soo-chul, and Dong-ha worries over the news that Dong-joo who is in junior high, so a younger brother, perhaps?

romacne For these reasons, it was clearly in character of PMY to be upset with EJ when the later doubted him during the swimming pool incident. She might not be the strongest in terms of physical strength, but still, between her bipolar attitude and her normal self, I can see why MY was attracted to her: But I guess I am in the minority for feeling epdraama way. I sat in that state throughout the whole episode; with the occasional screaming and cursing, Lol.

Wild Romance: Episode 12 โ€“ Appeal Play

I really look forward to his future projects! Tae-Han relents and tells her that he likes silk hanboks because of sound of silk when a person unties the front and the ripples. I like the heroine, and I do wish Namgoong Min’s character got more air time, but I’m holding out for episode 2.

Boy, that idea is already forming into my mind, as happy as the scene was on the last part of Ep 12, as soon as romwnce tomato fell, I knew something’s reallllllly wrong.

I’m still in that state Nheony July 4, at 6: He then mentions another secret: