Published July 8th by HarperTeen first published July 5th There are so many similarities between this book and the authors previous series Georgia Nicolson. Which in for them was awesome, because they could get more girls that way. But that is all. Want to Read saving…. I hate when I finish reading a book, and still have no clue how the cover ties in.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh with the rating as it’s not a particular bad book, but I genuinely did not particularly care for Tallulah or her ‘mad’ mates. I fervently hoped the same level of funny and awkward would be This review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger 3. Rennison’s writing is so lively that they probably won’t even notice they’re reading about teenagers who never have actual sex or use genuine rude words. This is the one with Bottom, of course, and there are some very fine bum-jokes. Tallulah quickly befriends a quirky cast of characters who also attend her performing arts program. Children and teenagers Children’s books:

Here she acquires new mad mates and surrenders herself to the wonders of theatre. This is book is full of cringe worthy situations plog young girls trying to get the attention of boys. Besides worrying about their “corkers” growing, these girls are boy obsessed, and worried about getting their first kiss. You can sense her naivety and insecurity, and it is easy to relive your very own interesting teenage experiences with her.

I loved Georgia and I would definitely pick up a new installment to her life, but I think Tallulah should have her own story. Although the school is all girls, there’s a boys school nearby, as well as several summxry gorgeous local hunks.


Withreing review was originally posted on One Curvy Blogger 3. Louise sadly died on the February 29, March 15, 34 28 Mar 25, Boys, snogging and bad acting guaranteed!

Tallulah is just as honest about the awkwardness of growing up as her cousin Georgia is — the biggest difference between the two of them is that Tallulah is attending a performing arts summer program in Yorkshire. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know why I picked it up.

Perhaps, but you hardly notice it for all the laughing. Every element in this picture actually has something to do with the summaty itself. It wasn’t funny, either, like Rennison’s other books.

I thoroughly enjoyed this romp. Talullah also known as Georgia Nicolson’s cousin, from Rennison’s other series, ha!

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Tallulah is fourteen and is at a drama school. I’m going to tell you straight up that this isn’t the book for you if you’re looking for deep meaning – Talullah and her friends do learn some things, but Withering Tights is much more memorable for the laughs than the lessons I was so disappointed.

Tallulah is much less flamboyant than her cousin, shier and more subdued, but has her moments. Tighta 31, Anne rated it liked it. The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey 1.

No one besides yourself notices these microscopic things, you call imperfections. And secondly, Withering Tights is pretty much the same thing as Georgia’s diaries. She is a character so full of life it’s hard to not be uplifted whenever I open the pages and read about her adventures Found it on a retelling list and was curious. And together they have misadventures with the stage, and with eek!


Withering Tights

Tallulah’s antics were just strange and without comedic timing. Feb 05, Kymm rated it it was smmary Shelves: View all 16 comments. Tallulah is a year-old who’s off to spend a summer at Dother Hall studying performing arts. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Talullah, would try to hide her knees from everyone, especially boys.

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Although I hate telling authors to make concessions for readers in other countries, I could have really used some context.

She is lucky to have been accepted to a performing arts college Dother Hall for for the summer semester. And she’s got non-existent ‘corkers’ her term for breasts.

I did take note that the book states it is for ages thirteen and up. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Am I just terribly uncultured?

View all 35 comments. Unfortunately, the cover is the only thing I liked about sumjary book. However, Louise Rennison has a great knack for taking something so horrendous and heinous and turning into sumjary funny and enjoyable – something that you are assured will end when the teenagers become adults. Do you see where I’m coming from? They aren’t mean or catty, even if they do have some of the typical teenage insecurities. Not as much fun as I was maybe hoping for, but still lots of fun.