Liam 34 episodes, A young girl and her blended family move to the small cottage town of Evermoor. When new boy Rhydian arrives at Bradlington High School, Maddy recognises him as being a wolfblood too. Matei returns to the den to seek Jana’s help in convincing Emilia that her vision of Blydissiad is false. Jana has to make a decision that will change the world forever. This page was last edited on 21 February , at Meanwhile, Shannon is discovered to be a singer, and leader of a school boy band Harry Averwood notices and wants her singing for the Lunar Festival, but can Shannon overcome her stage nerves? Imara sends Jana on a mission to find a dangerous wolfblood – Carrie, a self-hating girl who has the “morwal” in her.

Selina competes in the taekwondo fight of her life and in doing so makes an unlikely ally. But is Alric really trustworthy? Report this video Select an issue. He is chased by three wolves from the wild, led by Alric, who wants to take him back to the wild. Yes No Report this. Mako Mermaids TV Series

Wolfblood – Season 1 Episode 13 – Irresistible (Season Final)

Jeffries and later, wollfblood, Tom meets up with Maddy and says that Shannon believes Maddy is a werewolf, which is too close a guess than she wolfhlood handle.

Available in Prime The Dead End. All the world’s adults vanish, leaving only those aged 15 and under on the planet. Available wolfnlood Prime Arrow Season 1. Shannon says that they could try the Occam’s Razor theory, which is that the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation. A school project reminds Rhydian how alone he is without his own wolfblood family.

Audible Download Audio Books. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. On a full moon, Maddy and her parents transform in the cellar when Rhydian returns to Stonebridge. Rhydian is reunited with his father, but his reasons for returning are unclear, and loyalties begin to break down within the pack as Dacia divides them all. Eventually, Maddy turns back to normal after a series of events make her realize how she’s acting.

Wolfblood – Season 4 Episode 1 – Captivity – video dailymotion

The van arrives at Kincaid’s mansion, the pack delirious after eating drugged meat. Send us Feedback Get Help. To stop suspicions arising, Maddy and Rhydian take her to school where her abnormal behavior forces to teach her control.


An online animated motion comic known as Wolfblood Alphawhich is in three parts, takes place hg the fourth series. A total eclipse falls on a full moon, and Jana is determined to have Rhydian join her to understand what being a wolfblood really means. Maddy, Episkde, Tom and Maddy’s parents are on their way to a theme park, but their car breaks down and they stumble across a home of werewolf hunters who believe all of them are werewolves.

Wolfblood – Season 4 Episode 2 – A Long Way From Home

Alric visits Jana and tells her the wild pack will punish Rhydian themselves if he does not come back to the pack to beg for mercy, and Rhydian decides to go through with it, only so he can see his family and Jana again. Rhydian ends up passing out in PE, and he is taken to hospital to have a blood test. Get to Know Us. Whitewood work together to wake them all up, succeeding in the process. Him and Kay start going back out again. Prime Video Verified Purchase.

Kay 43 episodes, Liam 34 episodes, Jonathan Raggett Selina competes in the taekwondo fight of her life and in doing so makes an unlikely ally. When Rhydian reveals he thinks that they’re werewolvesshe says that it’s “wolfblood” and not “werewolves”. Shannon goes behind Rhydian’s back and also undergoes work at Segolia. Having framed Gerwyn for the fraud his aim is to turn all the pack into humans as he hates Rhydian’s mother Ceri returns claiming Alric has been exiled by the pack, and Jana is the new leader, but with parents evening on the way Jana needs a parent and wants Ceri to do the job.

Jefferies seeing his eyes change yellow. To help cheer Jana up, Rhydian takes her on a trip to mark an old wolfblood den suggested by Ceri. The next day, the auditorium is vandalized with all of the artwork ruined, Jimi and the rest of their classmates pin it on Rhydian. The wolfbloods, however, manage to find some of the serum that turned Tom into wolfblood, and distribute it to all of the other wolfbloods, foiling Kincaid’s scheme.


But when new boy Rhydian Morris turns up at school, Maddy finds out he is a wolfblood too and has a hard time letting him on their territory.

Maddy and Rhydian decide they can’t live with the idea of staying in the basement every time the change happens and take to the woods. Tom and Shannon go to see Tom’s mom, who is Rhydian’s doctor, whilst Maddy passes out too, and both her and Rhydian have blood samples taken. Available in Prime Vampire Camp.

After this, Rhydian discovers an ancestry in Canada, and decides to live in Canada. Great young adult drama. Rhydian knocks over Victoria’s guards whom of which holding Mr.

Whitewood arrives, discovering a silver bullet in its remains. Secretive Irina Shayk irresistible in lingerie. When Shannon accuses Jana of stealing her laptop, containing all the wolfblood secrets, the pack threatens to tear itself apart.

It’s a full moon and out-of-town beast hunter Kyle enlists Shannon and Tom to help him track down the beast of Stoneybridge. Kara 38 episodes, Also, Tom and Kay begin to form a romantic relationship. Available in Prime Avenue With her pack, human and wolfblood, in Segolia custody, Jana rejects Victoria’s request for help and flees with Selina. In the end, Maddy accepts Rhydian being there when she found out Rhydian is an orphan. The moon rises and TJ finally transforms, a shocked Katrina secretly filming everything on her phone.

Young Dracula TV Series Jana comes to back to school on the full moon and causes trouble on her first day.