The function bfloat converts a number into big-float format and the default value of fpprec is Several Maxima commands can be grouped together by typing them inside parenthesis and separated by commas. For example, notice the different results obtained by expanding an expression and expanding its numerator and denominator separately:. It is not necessary to use any command to return the output, since the output of the last command in the function will become the output of the function. The third argument given to function makelist can also be a list with the sequence of values that should be replaced for the variable in the second argument. If legend is followed by the word false , no legend will be shown.

It makes the horizontal axis of a 2d plot to be rendered in a logarithmic scale. If there are more expressions than the number of labels given, they will be repeated. In this case it is not mandatory to specify an interval of values for the variable in the horizontal axis:. We will now show the plot with only points, and illustrating the use of the second way of giving the points coordinates:. When a method fails or gives very complicated answers it is quite useful to have access to the details of the underlying implementation of the methods used. This program can be called without any arguments, in which case it will use a default value of 9 iterations per point, a grid with dimensions set by the grid plot option default 30 by 30 and a region that extends from -2 to 2 in both axes.

It can also be used again after the first option or after the second option in plot3d to define the effective horizontal domain that will be shown in the plot.

12. Plotting

For example, to represent functionthe expression on the right-hand-side is linked to variable. The option -persist tells gnuplot to exit after the commands in the file have been executed, without closing the window that displays the plot.

If the gnuplot program is not found unless you give its complete path or if you want to try a different version of it, you may change the value of this variable.


The default types of objects are: This variable stores the name of the command used to run the geomview program when the plot format is geomview. The fractions that lead to an infinite number of digits are not the same in the decimal and binary wxxmaxima systems.

The two coordinates of each point can be given as a list, inside another list with all the points.

Some of these options are raw gnuplot commands, specified as strings. The default name for that graphic file is maxplot. The dxmaxima specifies which of the three attributes hue, saturation or value will be increased according to the values of z.

If an option is present in a plot2d or plot3d call, that value takes precedence over the default option. The functions to be plotted may be specified as expressions or function names. Gnuplot generates commands in the PostScript page description language.

If the function grows too fast, it might be necessary to limit the values in the vertical axis using the y option:.

8. Plotting

The discrete form is used to plot a set of points with given coordinates. Function atan2 takes two input arguments, which are the Cartesian coordinates and of a point and returns an angle that can be in any of the 4 quadrants between andand corresponds to the angle between the segment from the origin to that point and the positive semi-axis.

If the keyword is hue, saturation or value, it must be followed by 4 numbers. It can be freely downloaded for various different systems and there is extensive documentation that can also be freely copied. An expression that cannot be further separated into other sub-expressions, for ppot,is called an atom ; functions that expect a list as its argument will usually trigger an error when they are given an atom as the argument.

In most cases, these options wxmaxmia be replaced by one of the more general options above; in those cases we recommend that you use the most general form.


Plot the experimental results in the following table, together with the expected theoretical curve: If true, the scales used in the x and y axes will be the same, in either 2d or 3d plots. Maxima includes many other functions to work with algebraic expressions.

The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the default terminal. When the iterations are done, the value of the variable is shown to make it become the output of the function. A list was used as the argument for the function, which makes the function accept any number of input variables or none and all the input variables will be placed in a list linked to the local variable tutodial.

In the case of CAS wxmasima, the advantages of free software are very important. If the keyword is gradient, it should be followed wxmaxiam a list of valid colors. There is also another Maxima specific format which accepts any arbitrary number of significant digits to represent floating-point numbers. Controls the usage PM3D mode, which has advanced 3D features. When Professor Schelter passed away ina wxmaima of volunteers was formed to continue to develop and distribute Maxima as free software.

Maxima Manual: Plotting

Command plot3d is used to plot functions of two variables. If it is used from the console or other interface different from Xmaxima, the tuforial and data will be save in a file named maxout. Most of Maxima functions behave the same way when they fail to give a result. If there are more curves or surfaces than colors, the colors will be repeated in sequence.

For example, notice the different results obtained by expanding an expression and expanding its numerator and denominator separately:.