Il est bien finit. Bon, faut pas dire que tout est parfait ajouter les menus sur les fichiers iso ou bdmv, reglage de l’image plus complet The player is one great little media player and well constructed. Third, get a friend or family member to home share with you so every digital game they have you have and vice versa, you get two digital licenses to play games. Especially when the screen is shaking and these glitches are obscuring vast chunks of the screen. The 4K HDR pictures are impressed much better than before, brilliant , clear colors. Very easy to use – i just LOVE seeing all my movie covers – and plays all the films i have. But only Zappiti was able to catalog my media files.

Super Former owner of two kinds of player,very easy setup,super support,backup and so more First off, the digital download of any PlayStation four game is the exact same version as the disc game — there are no differences whatsoever. Un grand nombre de fichiers reconnus. Zappiti has the cataloger, which has no equal in terms of functionality — you can even make your own video. Click here for more info If my psn account gets hacked 1 day, what will happen to my games? Haha I love seeing the butthurt ooze though…you should put some cream on that problem of yours. Common DLNa servers are very simple.

I downloaded Wolfenstien through steam in 1 hour. Le Zappiti fonctionne vraiment bien, il prend tout en tous cas, tout ce que je lui donne.

The Zappiti has way more features and is more future proof than WDTV it replaces and one may need some time to learn all of them.


No more instability issues and setup tasks. This new player is also compatible with safcade new Zappiti Media Center v4 application for the best possible home theater experience. Por ahora las actualizaciones llevan un buen ritmo.

La nouvelle version HDMI 2. Bon, faut pas dire que tout est parfait ajouter les menus sur les fichiers iso ou bdmv, reglage de l’image plus complet After trying the FW.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Gaming or multimedia?

I have compared this for myself. Pour peu que l’on dispose d’une bonne TV, le rendu a l’image est sublime.

Best media player ever let me start off by saying this is the best media player I have ever owned. Display your videos with an ultra-high quality upscaling Sacxade HD 4K x and x If your connection is less than 1MB 10 Mega Bits per second than you better steer clear.

The Problem With Digital Downloads On Xbox One And PS4

Also support of subtitles is done extremely well. The remote control is backlit, so you can use it when dark. The Zappiti mini is a great mediaplayer in a very small but solid desgin. Excellent media player and everything else This was a major change for me from my original player of five years, sacvade was an upgrade and a way of indexing my content without manually doing it. This Media Player deserves 6 stars!! Zappiti has the cataloger, which has no equal in terms of functionality — you can even make your own ry.

Je ne regrette pas mon achat. Une vitrine que l on aime regarderqui vous donne envie de regarder. The only thing you do with physical games is install them to your hard drive so the disc has no reason to spin which is why this whole install procees started.


Lol you showed me my phone auto corrected but you called me out. This just my preference. Microsoft started it because systems would be knocked over and the disc would get terribly scratched.

The image quality saccare this product is so superb! Much betterwait for further improvement. Long vie a Zappiti!!!

Good performance – okay Apps could start faster an under the Covers should be scritten the Movie title but maybe it xgox be found in the configs. Modify the vertical position, included on PGS Blu-ray subtitles. Of course the physically copy will be faster, from the hardware aspect, but is more susceptible to damage, theft, and loss versus a digital copy.

The Framerate Debate: 30 “Feels More Cinematic” Than 60

I litterally only had the option to play and exhibition game for 9 straight hours because the game was bku downloading. Granted if you download the first few gigabytes and try to jump right into the game, depending on The speed of your Internet, your gameplay may be halted until more the game can be played.

All you need mediaplayer If you are looking for a stable media player that does it all. Nothing better I have been looking for a media player for some time now and have not been able to find sacade to my liking — until now!