The Warriors travel to a town where everyone looks exactly like the young monk. Omi is then tricked into going into the Ying-Yang World alone. In order to prevent PandaBubba from turning people into zombies, Kimiko must defeat him in a Xiaolin Showdown. After that, Wuya possesses his body and now the other Xiaolin must save Raimundo from the evil magics of her and the Heylin Comet. After pulling it out, Dojo opened the lid, only to get away from the cover when he suddenly felt the heat hit him. Only to pull the phone back out when she got a text. When Raimundo doesn’t get promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice level because he disobeyed Fung’s orders, Wuya persuades him over to the Heylin side. Why not in the forest of the amazon, AWAY from burning hot lava that created huge fires.?

Just In All Stories: I couldn’t wait to finish. Edit Details Release Date: Oh thank you Alexis, you really are a miracle worker and- whoa When he raids the Shen Gong Wu vault, again, Omi is easily scared off as the Shadow of Fear brought his greatest fear to life. Search for ” Night of the Sapphire Dragon ” on Amazon. Eh, it’ll be a story to tell one day. What did I miss?

Jack goes after it and with some help from Wuya, Jack plots a plan to make an army of baby dinosaurs made from oil. Yet her brother threw one major rant when someone made the joke about him being in Showbiz and being ths.

Will he be able to defeat the mighty… [show all] When the monks find a Shen Gong Wu that’s not in the scroll, Kimiko decides to investigate it. The Crystal Glasses It almost made Alexis snap or breakdown Can turn your enemies into a sapphire nighr. Only for it to be blown out by a simple nose-cloud from the Sapphire Dragon. With a quirked eyebrow, Dojo unfolded the red fabric, only to blink when he saw it was a temple-uniform robe. Yet, when they were outside the Temple. The buildup to the darkness feels natural to not make what happens feel out of place.


Ya-ya-ya just don’t know nowa days. Alexis glared through the smoke and heat, trying to even herself up with Omi, when suddenly a blinding explosion occurred, sky-rocketing Clay upwards.

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Mayhemb; Geez, this was a showdwon one This was it for Dojo, wasn’t it? Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. The intruder IS the dragon!

Will he be able to defeat the mighty Sapphire Dragon and save the day? Omi then recovers his frozen past self and the two make peisode, causing a paradox that resets time back to how it was before, undoing all the changes.

How can that be? After closing the slot, the group found room to talk. Once Raimundo was completely formed into sapphire, the large blue dragon grinned at Omi and Dojo as it snaked around the statues in the room, creeping slowly towards epiisode. Like A Rock 4.

Future Meets Present Pt 1 Realizing that he needs the Sands of Time, Omi freezes himself for 80 years to talk to his old self but he realizes that Jack Spicer has conquered the world in his absence.

Terribly afraid of it.

Xiaolin Showdown Episode 8 – Night of the Sapphire Dragon

When the Reversing Mirror reveals itself, Raimundo leaves his friends upon winning the Mirror and joins the Heylin side. He becomes overly studious to outsmart Tubbimura in their next encounter, in which he invokes the Shen Yi Bu Dare, a type of Xiaolin Showdown where two Shen Gong Wu are wagered on each side. Without a moment’s hesitation, Dojo then started to chug down the spicy liquid.

Jack takes Klofange to his headquarters, and the Xiaolin take Dyris to the temple. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? As Dojo continued to speak out his theory, he ducked and rolled out of harms way from the other Sapphire Warriors.


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After pulling the xjaolin out of his mouth and dangling it over his tongue, Dojo threw in the final Cherry Bomb into his mouth as the Sapphire Dragon pulled back and expelled a blue flame. Night of the Sapphire Dragon 24 Jan 8.

Wait, what about if I breath fi-” “It iz fiah proof materiahl.

When the Xiaolin learn that Dyris is an evil siren who wants to flood the thr using underwater volcanoes and rule it, they must defeat her in a Xiaolin Showdown to save the Earth. Full Cast and Crew.

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Why not in the sapphie of the amazon, AWAY from burning hot lava that created huge fires.? Geez, who could eat this stuff? Meet the Nanises Part 1 Reach deep down and find that fire within.! There, Omi finally finds his ‘parents’, though they are not exactly what he expected.

This is one of our lasts hopes” Dojo commented as he looked around Clay’s room, before opening a box with multiple caution warnings on it. Alexis panted a bit as she waved a fan against her face, enjoying the breeze she was receiving. Kimiko manages to get it, but it is soon stolen by the Ying-Ying Bird. Red chili pepper, curry paste, jalapeno chips Luckily, however, Master Fung caught it with a finger.