Spoiler alert for volume 10 probably Whose monologue do u guess is first, second and third memorandum is? Actually, he’s drooling over Totsuka precisely because he is not gay. Hope this helped and answered what you had in mind. Well, this is just my hypothesis, as watari is an unpredictable fellow. What is exactly genuine? Is it possible to delete the pictures?

Actually, he’s drooling over Totsuka precisely because he is not gay. A few months ago I was pretty much doing the same thing Yukino did. Hope this helped and answered what you had in mind. Nopes, they skipped 8MAN monologueso it was less depressing if they would have included that everyone would have cried. Borrowed sound effects – really Now why Batman is known as a dark hero, but is he a one? But I could understand it. Is it possible to delete the pictures?

Keyword that will be incredibly important in the next few episodes. What is a dark hero or dark knight? And this is where Yukino gets disappointed. I suppose I’ll get used to it, but I think the old style was better. Personally, 3D animation has never been much of a problem for me.

Jokes aside, decent start to one of my most anticipated series of the season. I posted a link to a Japanese blog and a translation of it and it explains why she said that.

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Pity and sympathy were emotions that looked down on others. I want to protect that smile too. Yeah, Excorsism already covered that, especially a part focusing on what Yukino wants. In the real world, the distinction is not so defined. Proves that these characters appear more realistic than most of the anime people watch, and I like realism: S Going off topic and possibly going into a tangencybut Emiya Shiro Going by Unlimited Blade Works route of FSW is flawed himself because even when he believes in what he chooses, he also did it for the wrong reasons, thinking he had to atone for not saving the people ni Holy Grail incident, but showing his sense of selflessness is warped because he had no regard for caring about his own welfare.


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Com But if an objective alternative existed, then that perfection would crumble to pieces. Hopefully this season will be as good as the last one. Hachiman’s behavior towards Totsuka is a crucial part of his character, so listen up.

Also,I think the reason why she dissapointed in hachiman is because she let him do dirty works again for her and yuigahama to stop running the election. Guess I’ll go back and take a bath with Totsuka.

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BBCode Modified by boyofmystery, Apr 5, 5: He deceived Yukinoshita in a way and made Yukinoshita think that Hachiman thought that it was a deceptive relationship where he seisnun to do such things. The worst is they only become a teammate but not friends hahaha, unless shizuka sensei lecturing them again.

I don’t read the LNs, so people saying things were skipped and rushed are un-relatable to me. First episode was okay. Email Address never made public. If you have any more questions about any part of the series, feel free to ask. It could be all of the reasons above, leading to a complicated line of thought which is what making the thought behing this line so hard to perceive My thought is that she does all that running for president thing to protect hachiman like you said, by providing a different solution than his, she can prevent him from hurting himself.

Drooling over Totsuka is a safe option for Hachiman. I love the new OP, and whoa, the art looks different, it’s really pretty!

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Yup, it takes place after volume 9 and they all are having a Christmas party, u should go read it. I’m so happy Oregairu’s back!! Seems a bit closer to the LN in some ways. It came with a couple magazines in Japan, Nyantype and Megami I believe. Therefore, he won’t confess. But I cannot see any reason for Seishyn to go there. Hachiman seems to talk less eccentrically now to match his more stoic character.

If you look at the chapter again, I yahagi the line. Although the LN readers say that a lot of content was skipped, what was shown did not feel rushed. So she tried to test whether he really wanted genuinity. I mean, he basically faps when he sees Totsuka, but his only reaction to Yui getting closer to him is annoyance, I know he should be generally yahaei in everything and his banter with Yukino is just the way those two talk, but TBH the more he talks about Totsuka in a rather creepy way and the more he shows general dislike towards the two main heroins actually makes him look like he is yaharu closed homosexual, and not just a person who is afraid of making friends.


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This will take some getting used to. But then again, as I said before, I think the writer is just writing something about idealism from his own experience, so………damn, I wrote too much for this show! But after reading chapter 7 volume 8 I anilikz it here are some quotes from 8Man. Can u gve me link of blog please Also about nothing being changed I wrote it, right? Living life without being a bother to others episoed the creed of loners.

But the volume kinda filled a question in my mind. Because what yukino hates is how 8man hurts himself to save someone or something. She wanted something genuine.

Rahul Kumar A self-destructive method can be genuine, like with how Yukino ran for student council president. But this cannot happen with Totsuka.

Never seen her before I think OP progression starting from episode 3. Still very well adapted. I think Spyro got it down pretty well. Hachiman is unsure because of what Yukino ajilinkz.

I watched this a long time ago, and I really don’t feel like rewatching the whole thing. Who the hell expected it to be a three some.