The episode begins with a short overview of the past few episodes. The Avenger Ron Fazio, John Altamura goes to Japan in search of his father, an underworld fishmonger called Big Mac, leaving Tromaville open to complete domination by an evil corporation. Pierre admits defeat, and Pantasia starts selling the Black Japan which is good for dieting and for health. Meanwhile Azuma and Kanmuri battle it out, Meister Kirisaki, the judge for the finals, gives Kanmuri a full score by the display of peacock feathers on his mask. Episode 67 yakitate japan: While the Pantasia team is out buying mangoes, the CMAP team passes by and starts insulting them, as well as making fun of Takumi for deserting them. The town’s specialty, fatty tuna, is expensive and out of stock thanks to Yukino buying up all the frozen stock beforehand to cripple the Pantasia team , and no more can be obtained as it is the off-season. However, Ken tells Mokoyama Azuma is a much better baker, and he challenges the St.

It is made using the highest quality ingredients, and all of the judges give it a perfect score. Kyuukyoku no taruto taiketsu! Kore ga Kyuukyoku Kurowa-san!? He then collapses, and his wound starts bleeding. Edit Ending Theme 1: The episode ends with Kawachi making a mental note to himself that he would fulfill his father’s dream. Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga?

While Azuma is preparing his dough, he rolls a rolling pin behind Azuma, which Azuma slips on, ruining his bread. Episode 63 yakitate japan: Monica is shocked because no one has ever told her that her hands were beautiful. As the Pantasia team leaves their dilapidated guesthouse, it suddenly falls apart and collapses flat on the ground as Kawachi shuts the door, apparently giving Azuma an idea.

Kawachi is surprised to see Tsukino not coming to his match and wins. Episode 69 yakitate japan: The match ends in a draw, and thus concludes the Pantasia Newcomers arc. Kawachi, fed up with Pierrot’s mind games, starts calling Conan names. Kuroyanagi’s old friend Kid informs the group of who Monica is in the story, suddenly out of the blue, with his power as the head of a NY investigation company named “KID”.


Matsushiro explains that Koala who was earlier revealed to be Mokoyama, in disguise will beat Azuma, with his dragon bread. With no other choice, team Japan makes a new life sized statue, with Kawachi inside.

Things do not look good for Pantasia Azuma and Kawachi are attempting to create a bread that tastes delicious, but has no possible allergens like butter and milk, and their job is on the line. The Prohibited Rodin Strategy! Jay soon finds out just how good things can get when he begins applying the philosophy of Jesus Christ to everyday life.

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Sea urchin Chawanmushi bread. Horses will eat this type of bread because although they love wheat, they hate butter and dairy products. Himitsu no tare de henshin ja! The Pantasia team narrowly escapes a train accident dub they are left behind at a station, later revealed to be a trap by Yuuichi Kirisaki.

Turn off light Report. While the match has started, Azuma has yet to subb. Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Comp The judging is about to begin, and Azuma arrives just before the final 20 minutes of the match.

Each team must skydive down towards the San Agustin River, the place where the match is being held. Episode 7 yakitate japan: Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga?

Because of the incident on the island, a re-match is being held in Mexico. The theme is Saito and the task is to make a bread with the region’s local mangoes. Episode 20 yakitate japan: He became so good at mimicking that he started mimicking people unconsciously and ended up becoming a star circus performer. During the competition Kawachi suddenly has difficulty kneading his dough, and despite his efforts the dough refuses to ferment. The Day of Mount Fuji Descent!

Pierre, bargaining that they must stop making the diet bread if they win. Nihon wo omou kokoro ha hitotsu! Before the start of the match, Edward Kayser makes a bet with Suwabara, that the losing team must drop out of the Monaco cup.


The Monaco Cup Finals Begin! Tsubozuka meekly episofe defeat, much to the shock of his raving fans, and meekly asks Azuma if they can be friends, to which Azuma cheerfully replies, “Yeah!

Kanmuri and Kawachi pick up some rhubarb and inadvertently blurt out their plans when buying sweet wine at a wine shop, but Tsutsumi runs into them and casually reveals his plan to use Calvados in his jam.

To make it up to him, Azuma shows him and Kawachi how to make Japan 2. At the end of the story, Team Japan has fallen asleep, as it was 3 a.

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Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? PV Anime Expo version play More videos Edit Synopsis Yakitate means “fresh baked”, but the word “Japan” is actually a pun – pan means bread in Japanese, so Kazuma is out to make Japan, a unique Japanese bread to compete with the best bread from around the world! At the start of the match, both teams begin preparing their breads.

This episode parodied the popular anime series Naruto. Kore ga Kyuukyoku Kurowa-san!? He fears he might have to quit being the judge of the Yakitate! Episode 47 yakitate japan: After its completion, Kawachi as planned accidentally ruins it.

This is the complete list of all episodes from Japanese animeYakitate!! Kanmuri counteracts this by using Kinoshita’s cloning ability to create a live bread-making demonstration outside Pantasia.

Yakitate!! Japan –

Azuma ends up winning by making an okonomiyaki -style sandwich on panini bread. Kanmuri reveals that Yukino is secretly selling stocks of Pantasia to St.

The match continues in next episode. The match between Azuma and Koala begins; the object is to create an animal bread that is attractive to both women and young children.