However, at Shinnosuke’s suggestion that he say “something romantic” to relax and encourage his girlfriend, Hanazono is able to muster, “Once this match is over, let’s go and have some tea! His powerful fighting aura scares Jody into submission, causing her to cry “Mairimashita! Hiroyuki Kawasaki 19 episodes eps 41, 46, , 61, 63, , , 81, 87, 89, 91, 94, 96, , Yawara has a hard time with Adams before flipping her for a “final ippon. Aleix Estadella as Sudo Catalan dub. Honami Sudo Tagalog companies Broadcaster: They stand next to Hanazono without knowing who each other is, but they quickly identify Hanazono as the “bad influence” who introduced their daughter to the violent sport of judo. However, Yawara announces that she will not participate.

A 17 year old socially awkward orphaned shogi player, dealing with adult problems like financial difficulties, loneliness, and depression. The pathetic judo team members are shown playing video judo games rather than practicing, and they panic when they see an overflow of students wishing to join the judo club. When Yawara arrives, she is conscripted to be a temporary placeholder member for the judo club by Hanazono, who does not know her judo abilities initially. However, Yawara announces that she will not participate. Sayaka does not believe him, and Kojiro, who is staying at the Honami compound, continues to insist that he cannot see Yawara right now. Shinnosuke lies to them about having advised her to skip the tournament.

Each wants to fight Yawara in the finals, Yuki having gained 10kg for the match, and the match drags on, much to Yawara’s impatience as she wants to go help her judo club and is imagining the worst.

Nishikimori runs away and meets Matsuda, and the gang beats up Mastuda, who tries to defend the cowardly Nishikimori. However, Kyon-kyon as the “captain” is inspired by Fujiko’s efforts and wants to compete herself as well. Yawara goes on a double date with both Hanazono and Sudoh at an amusement park, and tells them that she is quitting judo.

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They also compete at eating and telling tall tales about beating bears and whales. Jigoro cuts a deal with Yawara: Shinnosuke is later shown to be admiring himself in the mirror in his underwear and listening to various voicemails from women beseeching his attention. Realizing how hard Jody has been working, Yawara apologizes to her and they become friends, as well as finally settling on a match.


Hanazono is about to give up in his match before seeing Yawara running to his aid; following Yawara’s precise instructions, he is able to reverse pin his opponent in a Jigoku Zeme “hell attack” on his back, winning the match in the prelim tournament for Musashiyama High. Jody arrives at the Inokuma home, and Jigoro is to serve as her first opponent. Naoki Urasawa Character Design: Nishimura ep 6 Takahashi Production ep 3 Production: Eduard Farelo as Kaoru Hanazono Catalan dub.

Jaume Lleal as Tokunaga, el majordom Catalan dub.

Kojiro tells Matsuda that his letter contains important tips for Yawara in her final match. Yawara and Mastuda are forced to have dinner and drinks with Shinnosuke and Yuniko, the latter trying their best to ruin Yawara’s perception of Matsuda with lies and false innuendos.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (TV)

However, she remembers a move by observation and bravely tries it, but at least survives. Afterwards, Davis and Jigoro have a match before Davis goes off to the Olympics, and they duel to a near draw after 3 hrs, until Jigoro puts him in an arm grl, which he releases to that Davis can go to Berlin without injury. Shinnosuke observes that Sayaka has become overwhelmingly powerful after her training with Kojiro. Kyon-kyon took very detailed notes on the rivals, which may come into use; she is revealed to be a smart learner.

Yawara! – Episode 22 –

The same news conveyed by Jigoro energizes Matsuda because of the opportunities for great judo, though he realizes that Jigoro will be playing friends off against one another. Jody takes Yawara and Fujiko shopping on the day before her contests to take some pressure off. Yawara tells Matsuda that her mother has been looking for her father after he disappeared, and only returns home a few times a year.

Hanazono, Sudoh, and Jigoro all show up to see Yawara’s test results but to the wrong site, the one for junior high test resultsand Shinnosuke casually appropriates Yawara who had been hoping to see Matsuda when he sees her, after finding out that she has passed the test he openly lusts after her upcoming sexual availability as a college girl.


Instead she wants to birl on her home economics classes such as cooking and being a normal girl. The juso team reflects on their progress under Yawara’s coaching and their future with both Yawara and Hanazono graduating. Neko Productions, Kodocha Anime Oct 17, Meanwhile Yawara pays no attention as she concentrates on perfecting beef Stroganoff as a dish that she wishes to cook for a future boyfriend, but is dismayed by Sayaka’s public challenge.

She is listless and has no speed, struggling mightily before eking out a meager point difference victory, her first without an outright ippon. Jody Rockwell shows up with her equally huge fiance, a weightlifter who likes to lift people as well.

In addition, the suicidal young man was Sato Daisaku, who became an important prime minister during the modernization of Japan, all entirely thanks to Jigoro.

If Yawara ends up losing, then Tsurukame Travels will lose both her as a celebrity draw and the Kato Chu deal. However, the only jobs that Komiya appear to be for call-girls which pay 20, yen per hour. She hears men talking about the next big “cat fight” between her and Sayaka.

Shinnosuke, who has been hired by Sayaka to be her judo coach, is revealed to have severe stage fright when he runs off to in a bathroom to hide from reporters at the tournament press conference.

She thinks Shinnosuke is sweet and wonderful and has no idea about his womanizing and other lies. Yawara tells Tamao that she could ywara find her father in Seoul. The media begins to ask about the rumor that Kojiro left because of being thrown by a 5-year-old Yawara.