As Shakti denies to back off from marrying Lakshmi, Nattamai slaps him for thinking so. Click here to login. Nattamai realises about the drops of blood he should give to stop Kashmora from attacking Yazhini. Aji Sunte Ho Shows. She reaches home and expresses her sadness to her mother-in-law. Next day, Raj expresses his happiness on finding the children as he can now buy the house.

Maanvi wakes up and very soon the two of them start fighting with each other. The two of them together confront Kabir and Rahul tries to break the horn, in order to drain Kabir of all his powers. Kashmora enters Yazhini’s body for the sage’s exorcism method and Yazhini bites Arjun’s hand to get three drops of blood. Stay tuned to find out more. Raj is shocked to learn of Yamini’s reality and just then, there is another knock on the door. Both of them escape from the hospital in the issuing scuffle. She later peeps into Yamini’s room and is horrified as she watches Yamini trying to heal her injury that has blue blood dripping out of it.

However, when Shilpa informs him that Manvi and Rahul are stuck in the hospital which the terrorists had taken under their custody, he gets worried. Maanvi prepares herself for her stint as a Punjabi girl and gets ready to impress Rahul. Sonali is on her way to Maanvi’s house unaware that the driver is Yamini, who has taken her uhm form.

However, Maanvi and Rahul, collectively manage to break the horn and drain Kabir of his powers. The police arrive at Lakshmi’s house to investigate on Lakshmi’s missing complaint and state that Magadhi is the culprit.

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Later, Yamini takes the gun epiosde shoots Kabir, but his mother intervenes and gets killed. Next morning, Rahul is shocked when he finds the words ‘mother is alive’ written on the mirror. Will this be the end of Kabir? Yamini gets furious with Kabir but he holds out a gun and gets ready to kill Yamini.

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Meanwhile, Rahul stays guard outisde Maanvi’s house and moments later, Maanvi and Rahul begin to come close to each other. Yamini tries to harm Rahul but is herself forced to wonder as to how Rahul has gained the strength to face her. Kajan rushes to the kids and learns that the parents, who had adopted these kids, had beaten them up. Rahul tries to help his father get up, but as soon gays he touches him, the spirit enters his body and warns Manvi.


However, Rahul reaches just in time and gets wounded by the bullet instead. Next day, Raj expresses his happiness on finding the children geh he can now buy the house. Yazhini wakes up from her sleep and informs about her eyesight being weak.

Maanvi hears the children laughing and reaches their room, only to see them speaking to their mysterious mother. While, Sonali is surprised to hear this, Rahul continues to stress on this absurd fact. Nattamai realises about the drops of blood he should give gage stop Kashmora from attacking Yazhini. Meanwhile, Shirin wakes up and realizes that she is running late for the hospital.

Maanvi offers toys to the children and feels bad as they will be sent to the orphanage very soon. Magadhi decides to make Shakti kidnap Lakshmi and let Episod tie the nuptial chain on Lakshmi’s neck without informing her.

Thenmozhi hits her mother to reveal the secret behind giving blood to Yazhini.

Later, Maanvi gives the description of the girl, she had found in the same adntv and the artist sketches the portrait of the girl.

Yhe is shocked when he learns that the gun he had used to shoot Yugandh was a fake one and so he could not have killed anyone with the gun. The police pass the information to Rahul and Maanvi, who feel relieved after learning of the whereabouts of the kids. Next morning, Rahul and Maanvi get ready to leave for the recording studio but Maanvi decides to reach the hospital to meet the children.

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Meanwhile, Raj tries to enter Maanvi’s house but she refuses to open the door as she believes that it is Yamini in the form of Raj. While, Piya claims that she was speaking to her mother, Aditya supports Maanvi by saying that their is no ‘mother’ in the house. Later, she decides to speak to Rahul but finds him furious. Rahul starts to question Yamini about why she is trying to harm him and he is surprised to learn that Yamini is Yugandh’s yrh, the mutant he had killed a while back.

She later peeps into Yamini’s room and is horrified as ueh watches Yamini trying to heal her injury that has blue blood dripping out of it. Later, Rahul wakes up and is lost in the beauty of Maanvi. Later, Rahul announces a punishment for Maanvi and asks her to give a speech in Punjabi about why she loves him.


That night, a mysterious shadow enters the hospital and takes the children away. Later, Manvi’s father arrives at Raj’s home and asks Shilpa to come with her. Initially the inspector refuses to divulge with any information but after a while, the inspector agrees to cooperate. Manvi asks the spirit that why is she doing so, even though she gave shelter to the spirit’s kids in her home.

Meanwhile, Maanvi continues to stay worried about Rahul but she refuses to go back to his house due to the differences that exist between them. However, when the driver starts to 5 rude with Sonali, she sees his reflection on the mirror and is shocked to see Yamini.

He gets furious and wonders who exactly fpisode responsible for the prank. Rahul, meanwhile, seems ecstatic as he believes that the curse has now been wiped off him and he will not be turning into a tiger anymore. Meanwhile, Nisha sees Yamini trying to get close to Rahul and realizes that Yamini will be useless to za if she falls in love with Rahul. Meanwhile, Shakti opens the knots made around Lakshmi’s limbs and shows her being kept near their house.

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Just as the inspector reaches towards the boy, anctv boy bites him and later the constables are forced to grab the children and take them away. Upamanyu does not seem happy with Maanvi and Rahul’s decision to adopt the children. Just then, Chotu calls out to Sonali and Yamini understands that Sonali has seen her and learnt her reality. Magadhi allows Shakti in her house and explains the advantage Rishi has with his money and his name in the society, whereas Shakti doesn’t earn much and Lakshmi is taking episofe of their house expenses.

Aditya and Piya meet their grandparents and as per Rahul’s advice, Aditya asks Upanyu to sing for him.