Private Investigators S02E07 Versions: Private Investigators S02E10 Versions: Preferably Artorigus or Medraut? A small thing yes. When I hit “restore”, it took me a page that asked me to search for deleted pages and my talk page remained deleted, so I restored the whole thing. Let the creation be free!

It looked real for me, but I’m not exactly a pro regarding that, so if you think it’s fan-made, my bad, feel free to revert it. Preferably Artorigus or Medraut? If he do that again, feel free give him your word – I have no right to fighting with him due to my “harsh” behave, like that era when I was little Hi, I just happened to stumble across this conversation. So, I deleted my talk page and attempted to restore all the edits except the two vandal edits. Private Investigators S02E01 Versions:

It should be, but it was always ignored for some reason. Link s are dead.

Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by “Number Hunter”. Look like it’s time to spanking some sense in him.

I’m little confused because out of the blue I got that message: If you’re stuck with some ideas, feel free to ask me or UltimateKuriboh As seen in this topic to get some improvement or loose up the tie of the words. I have a question, is not dangerous public contributor clean this wikia contents? So, I can only read the latest news without sending any post.

Your IP devildruit500 has been automatically blocked because it was used by another user, who was blocked by Golden Key.

Maybe we should continue this in the chat because our talk pages get spammed now: How do I change the flag to brazil? Honestly, I was send that info to NAC from here: It says that I can contact an administrator or the one who blocked me.


I will leave that as the way you edited them. The first episode didn’t give a link to him in the episode summary. Hi i made this Page Archer still need a lot of info but do you think it is better to delete it or keep it and let people help the page i fpisode you if the Archer sould be a series like yh or not? Yes, we do need two Rank-Up Magic – Barian’s Forcesince the first one have the CX in the card’s text, while the second one have the C in the card’s text.

Is there a source that states the Egyptian Gods will be available in Battle Pack 2? Check my Award article. Is what Tebow Time doing on that page okay for you or not? A small thing yes.

Is it an old habit or something? ti

User talk:Golden Key/Archive 5

I mean, it said the picture had to be Yu-Gi-Oh! Can I ask what this was? Also, is this something only Debilfruit500 can do, or did were you too lazy to do it yourself? So, can you help me please? It said the reason for the temporary block was because ” Noob Hunter ” was using my IP address. Tu ask this because those cards images are from TV Tokyo site and not from the anime.

Thank you so much for get it back in.

RapidMoviez – [UL/EB] Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Season 1 – WEBRip – Syizik (GB)

I didn’t post it! Hi Golden Key I’d like to change the Portuguese flag of Portugal to Brazil flag, because the brazilian flag is right to Portuguese language. All boosters and cards in this wikia are in Portuguese of Brazil and not Portugual, so the flag is wrong! I ask this for 2 reasons: Should I get Falzar or someone to aiding you?


I could now do as a registered user. Any idea what I did wrong? Were you directly telling me through the edit summary since I uploaded the images? They change the card’s text in the latest episode. Just because I was blocked and got a glitch, does that mean Fred had to insult me behind my back like that? GX – Episode ? The reason given is this: That user is just silly and little insane on the side.

Consider this as a weak reprimand on behalf of the many Duelists who would like to strangle the person who made that mistake. Please Login to post a comment. I looked at her character page, but only saw that she entered an “alternate dimension” when she lost to Amnael though she remained there unconscious.

What did you mean by this? Thank you for put that article in the boiling pot and left it burn. I tried doing it before, but I don’t have any experience when it comes to those pages. Private Investigators S02E08 Versions: If you aren’t convinced go on reply to me in the talk page till you are convinced I just watched the episode that ” Effect Shut ” appeared in, and a frontal view never appeared like the image Brubio uploaded.

All releases of “Yu-Gi-Oh! This keeps happening when I scope recent changes. GX – EpisodeAlexis says at 1: I was dueling against a HERO deck a few times and each of those times the program I was dueling on disconnected or randomly closed.