As I understand it, it was procured, along with many other watches, by the British MoD in the ‘s and was evaluated at Herstmonceux Castle at that time owned by the Admiralty for potential military use. Still, it certainly is a stunner! The watch is solar powered and time setting is radio-controlled automatically with multiband reception available from transmitters in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and China. I have searched the internet and watched eBay for several months, but this particular watch must be rarer than hens teeth. This is a British made watch from the ‘s. Perhaps not a true “jump hour” as such, what they’ve done here is replace the hour and minute hands with dials that are numbered anti-clockwise. You haven’t bid on this lot yet. Camel Adventure Trophy quartz chronograph:

Accutron Tuning Fork movement. Catawiki member since December 11, , received reviews in total in last 12 months. The casebacks bear GSTP and broad arrow markings plus a code number. Ease of use is exemplary, with large, firm buttons that are easy to press even whilst wearing gloves. In there was a significant upsurge in the number of bronze-cased watches made by so-called “micro” watch companies that produce watches in very small numbers compared to mainstream brands. This little Timex from has the distinction of being my first ever watch. This elegant watch is one of the earlier Walthams, manufactured in the USA. They appear to have been based in Leicester from the mid-late ‘s until at least and also had a sales arm based in London from the late ‘s.

This example is shown on a black NATO strap.

Vintage Zetron Digital Watch

Citizen’s “Eco-Drive” watches feature quartz movements that are constantly recharged when exposed to natural or artificial light so that they never require winding or battery replacement. Our system will then keep on bidding for you, by the smallest possible increase each time, until your maximum price is reached. Originally a limited edition of 10 pieces, “No.


Catawiki member since December 11,received reviews in total in last 12 months. This was a nice gift from one of the RLT forum members who had been on a trip to Belarus. The Timex Expedition WS4 takes the best features of the Avocet Vertech Alpine and Suunto X-Lander and combines them into an excellent, widescreen instrument with numerous time keeping functions, alarms, graphic displays, very accurate altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass.

Even just a photo of the watch would be nice. One of many intriguing Russian watches, the Orion Travel features two manually wound 17 jewel movements – probably intended for ladies watches – housed in a single rectangular case. Nowadays, many of the watches are available for members of the general public to buy. It’s watchh here on an RLT Fleiger leather strap. This is a British made watch from the ‘s.

VINTAGE ZETRON QUARTZ Digital Watch – £ | PicClick UK

These and other similar Seiko’s are sometimes referred to as having Pepsi bezels because the colours on the bezels are similar to those of the Pepsi Cola drinks cans.

This watch is supplied on a zeton coloured bracelet with optional black leather strap but I think it looks quite good on a green NATO, as pictured here. Outrageous ‘s Oris 25 jewel automatic cal.

It was marketed by Watcy magazine but was given to me free by a bloke in a pub! Alpha watches are made in China to an impressively high standard given their modest price. Perfect mooi nieuw horloge. The widescreen format also allows for on-screen prompts xigital be displayed which makes operation simple without necessarily having to memorise the entire manual.

Later, when the concept of night fighters and night bombers was developed, a luminous version was introduced. Uiteindelijk heeft hij toch een netsnoer opgestuurd. Naam in Bluetooth was nog niet gereset.

Presumably this watch would once have been considered to be a very trendy item digitla fashion conscious females.


Since then the basic design has achieved something of a classic wtach. A late ‘s or ‘s model I’d guess, it has a 30 jewel automatic, Incabloc shock-protected movement by Felsa. I don’t know much about this watch other than that my photograph doesn’t do it justice!

Although the date version rigital never actually issued to the military, it’s otherwise identical to the official issue non-date version. Well, I did get it in a pub: The squared case makes it look a little like a Heuer Monaco and I especially like the blue dial with white sub-dials and orange chronograph hands.

Zetron Digital Melody Alarm Watch LM (Yellow Rose of Texas)

Sponsored Links Zefron Advertisements. Perfectly simple and simply perfect! My only criticism is that the clasp on the elastic wrist-strap lacks any safety features.

Was zeer goed verpakt. Your current bid falls below the reserve price for this lot. They contain radio receivers which pick up time signals broadcast from various transmitters around the globe. I hope you will change your feedback to positive since the parcel has arrived.

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No watch collection can be complete without an example of a Casio G-Shock. Shipping costs are for mainland destinations only. A classic pilot-style watch, the “Goldbird” is one of three rose-gold plated versions of the Speedbird family which can be made to order. The “Aviator” is a classic pilot style watch using the famous 23 jewel chronograph movement which is a high quality Russian made version of a Swiss movement zetrom Valjoux.

The result is a high quality watch dihital historical interest with classically beautiful styling at an affordable price. It has a 25 jewel automatic, Incabloc shock-protected movement by Felsa.