Cody Barker This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [B-Smith is a Girl it becomes clear late in the book hide spoiler ]. Mine definitely had to be the creepy zom-babies, just so freakin cute in every way. After all, zombies don’t notice skin color when digging through someone’s skull to devour their brains. And this is a series? Return to Book Page. Actually, I think the gore and darker tone of this one definitely skew it up more than I was expecting, despite its brief length. I felt as if this story was pointless. The zombie attacks begin in Ireland and everyone thinks that there are some sort of publicity stunt created by the media.

This is challenging material, which will captivate existing Shan fans and bring in many new ones. View all 7 comments. Probably without meaning to, but still. Her dad is a terrible person, and you can have a terrible person be a good character, but this was not the case. Here comes the bride … Summary: This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Did anyone else find it strange that B really wanted to please her father and acted racist and stuff, but went behind his back with her best friend being Black? Books of the Month , eBooks. O’s nephew was fun, thou they didn’t seem to be on the same page at all.

Was it really what they were fighting for? That they should not expect the ending that happened. There’s the societal collapse of the entire world and the meltdown of B’s personal life. An author I love, wrote a very long series, about teenagers being able to morph into all kinds of animals because aynopsis a box that a member of an alien race had given them.


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I’m just shocked at the 1 vride I was expecting something similar here, something for younger YA that like violence in humor. Then he blames it on his dad. The zombies are creepy, with bones spurting from everywhere and the ease with which they can infect. B’s mind isn’t racist. A relatively small cast of characters made for intense reading, constant back and forth on who we should be rooting for and against.

But B wants out.

Then we get to B’s story. At the end of the day stnopsis have to work out for yourself what’s right or wrong. Return to Book Page. In my opinion, illustrations, particularly the black and white comic-book kind we find in Zom-B, are best left for children’s books, not ones aimed at teenagers.

I can count the negative interactions we’ve had in our two years of dating on one hand, because I surround myself with people who are just as open-minded as I am.

This may seem off topic but it really isn’t! The one thing I did really enjoy was the illustrations. Zom-B is a radical new series about a zombie apocalypse, told in the first person by one of its victims. I zlm it was three hours long? I had no choice. Just a quick, thrill packed series as always Mr. She runs towards the Zombies.

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Everyone has a favourite brid in any series right?? The main character, B, is to be honest an ass. There was barely any zombies in the first half of the book.


After that, she yells at her father, and runs into the school. A touchy subject like this should have been weaved throughout this type of story instead of it being so in-your-face.

I was similarly disappointed with the thin executioner, though for different reasons. Want to Read saving…. But then again you go back to the beginning where B has a disliking for his dad.

B leads a group of no-account ruffians, that frequently take sickies from school. Zom B 1 8 Synppsis 19, For example, she hates Tyler, who is black, because she stole something from him and he told his dad about it.

And this is a series? Shanand Lady of the Shades. There was absolutely NO redeeming quality in B. I’m reading other people’s thoughts about this book h I’m looking at negative reviews.

Written by Darren Shan. There are twists in this book which caught me completely of guard, these twists also had me reconsidering my initial thoughts about the book.

IZ preemptively refuse to form any emotional connection to any character – after all, they’re just going to die. If I had read this one, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with this book. His writing in Zom-B is much more mature than I’ve seen in the past. Dowling to get the human virus. The middle section is pretty good.